These Category Of Teachers Have Been Served With Show Cause Letters For Non-compliance With TSC Tools

A show cause letter has been issued to TSC Curriculum Support Officers, Deputy County Directors, Principals, Head Teachers and ICT Officers in this county on the low TPAD assessment turn out report.

Part of the letter seen by this author reads, “The purpose of this letter is to ask you to show cause why disciplinary action cannot be taken against you for this low performance at TPAD. Your response by 8 October 2021 should reach your immediate supervisor.”

According to the Term 3 2021 assessment report released on 31 July 2021, Kisumu County was ranked 41st out of 47. Nationally this county is ranked in the bottom 10 with a compliance of 66.19%.

Kisumu County TSC Director Mr. Ibrahim K. Ragut indicated in a letter copied to the Secretary, Teachers’ Service Commission that this performance is quite unacceptable as TPAD is one of the major reforms in teaching and learning management.

As part of the letter read “Your failure to ensure 100% compliance in TPAD in your jurisdiction means that you have compromised 33.81% and by extension academic performance in teaching and learning. Received 100%.


The commission has also launched the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) module, which created a lot of debate with most of the teachers opposing the scheme. Unfortunately, the court held that the matter challenging the implementation of the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) program is urgent.


Justice David Naderithu of the Court of Employment and Labor Relations, however, refused to suspend the implementation of the TPD program and directed petitioner Joseph Karanja to serve all parties before the October 7 hearing.

Joseph Karanja on Monday said that compulsory refresher training by the employers of teachers is a violation of the rights of tutors. TSC launches a Professional Development (TPD) training program that will be used to determine promotion and continued employment

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