These Category Of Teachers Will Not be Eligible to Apply For The 1950 Advertised Vacancies

The teachers service commission yesterday advertised 1950  internship teaching vacancies for both primary and secondary school teachers.

Based on the experience from the recently  concluded (July )mass employment exercise, the  commission noted that some individuals apply for the same positions even without meeting the requirements.

This has forced the commission to clarify on the following category of teachers who MUST  not waste their time and bundles in applying for the recently advertised posts.

These category include:

1. Those teachers with  fake degree certificates.

2. Those who  do not meet the minimum required threshold for TSC recruitment consideration as indicated in yesterday’s advert


3. Those who  had previously been employed , dismissed and removed from the teacher register by the commission.

4  Those who do not  meet the TSC  teaching subjects requirements.

5. Those who miss in the graduation list  from their respective universities.

6.Those who have differing names on their academic documents.

As a result of the above missing links, the commission has asked recruiting panels to be more keen during interviews.

They have equally been asked to subject the applicants’ documents to serious scrutiny so as   to avoid scenarios where undeserving applicants are given the TSC jobs as the deserving ones are left out.


The teachers who will commit the above  illegalities knowingly  will be  disqualified  and shall  receive regret letters from the commission.

The Commission again come out with strict  recruitment guidelines to be observed during employment exercise which include  the following.


In addition, every applicant must present original and legible photocopies of the following documents:

  1. National Identification Card.

2. CPE/KCPE certificates.

3. KCSE certificates  including first attempt   certificate if  one repeated examinations

4. Degree/diploma Certificates  and official transcripts

5. Primary and Secondary Schools  leaving certificates.

6. A sworn affidavit to be  availed   where names on the submitted       documents differ .

The selection panel shall  shall subject all candidates to a vetting exercise to ensure that  each applicant to meets the above guidelines

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