These schools in Kenya Pay Teachers Over sh. 100,000 per month

On the other hand, were you aware that certain Kenyan schools pay their instructors more than one hundred thousand shillings per month?

A teacher at a secondary school earns an average monthly salary of Ksh35,000, while a teacher at a primary school earns an average monthly salary of Ksh25,000.

Because so many of these institutions are committed to giving their pupils access to the very best educational opportunities available, it is not uncommon for them to demand annual tuition payments of at least one million Kenyan shillings from their pupils.

IGCSE, which stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, is a more advanced educational standard than KCSE and KCPE. Furthermore, the majority of them follow this standard.

You need to have a specific set of abilities if you want to work as a teacher at one of these institutions, such as being able to communicate fluently in Chinese, French, German, or Italian.

These educational establishments place a high value on having talented fitness instructors or music teachers on staff.

If you went to school in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, or if you have family living in any of those countries, you will have a better chance of finding work in this country.

Approximately forty percent of the teaching staff at these institutions has earned a degree from a nearby university or has successfully navigated the educational system in Kenya. This percentage is significantly lower than the national average.

The following educational institutions are included in this group:

  • The Aga Khan Academy, which is located in Mombasa
  • Braeburn International school in Mombasa’s name
  • School of the Brookhouse
  • Hillcrest School International School of Kenya Nairobi Academy Hillcrest School International School of Kenya
  • Oshwal Academy
  • School Named Peponi
  • Cambridge International School, Rosslyn Academy, Andrews School, Turi Pembroke House Greensteds Schools Gems, and Cambridge International

Regardless of whether you have recently graduated college or not, if you are hired as a teacher at any of these institutions, your starting salary must be at least 100,000 Kenyan Shillings. This is the case even if you are the only candidate.

Given the amount of work and effort that goes into becoming a professional teacher in Kenya, it is unfortunate that the pay that teachers in Kenya receive are not anything to be proud of.

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