Top 10 Best Bongo Songs for 2020/2021

Listen to the following songs whenever you are bored, you will reinstate your mood.

Bongo Flava has always been the best genre in Kenya and Tanzania and even the rest of East Africa. Some critics always say that Bongo has lost it flavour in the country despite the fact that so many people listen to this type of music. Despite all these, the Bongo artist are working tirelessly to produce very nice Bongo Songs with many artist collaborating to bring about a trembling hit which pulls a huge following towards it.

In this article, our focus is on the Tanzanian artists’ songs where we have included the best artists who are renowned in East Africa. Let’s now flow through this to see what these artists have for us.

#1. Jeje By Simba

Diamond platnumz, AKA Simba has always been a hit in East Africa for a long time. His hits are always a force that non can easily reckon. Simba Hit last year three million subscribers on youtube and also clicked the one billion views mark which saw him hold a big celebration.

This hit Jeje was released on 26th February 2020. This song has been played severally on radio stations, TVs and Simba’s tv channel Wasafi which has seen it trend on YouTube for so many days.

From history, its evident that Simba has a huge playlist with mind-blowing songs which always trend on YouTube whenever he releases a hit.

#2. Dodo by King Alikiba

This Alikiba Song, talks about a woman who is ready for marriage. Alikiba and Tommy are the writers of this song. In its video, Hamisa Mobetto one popular Tanzania model and actress appear there as video vixens.

Alikiba has always been a rival to Simba as they seem to have divergent opinions in the music industry. But the duo is a great combination in Tanzania if they decide to collaborate.

His songs also have been a bit for over 20 years now. He is still standing out amongst the Tanzanian Artists.

#3. Rosa Ree’s song Nazichanga

This song has been done by Rosa Ree Featuring Roberto. Rosa Ree is a great rapper in Tanzania and she has always stood out with her rapping skills. Roberto is from Zambia and this has made the Nazichanga hit more popular in Tanzania and Zambia.

#4. Rayvanny’s Teamo song

This song has been done by Ravanny featuring Messias Maricoa. This song was release some four days early before valentine’s Day. Rayvanny is from Tanzania and Maricoa who features in the song is from Mozambique.

This song has been played severally minus it losing its taste. The song has also been trending on YouTube for some days. This is a great hot that was produced by the duo.

#5. Unanikosha song by Marioo

This video done by Marioo is praising a woman on how important the woman is to the point the man is really missing her. This is another great hot of the year produced by Marioo.

#6. Mbosso’s Song Tamba

Mbosso is another force from Tanzania. His hits has never disappointed his fans even once. Tampa was done on 22nd of March. The song was mastered and mixed by Lizer Classic, the sound engineer. Among the signees in the Wasafi Baby Record Label, Mbosso happens to be at the top.

#7. Remix Done by a collabo of Ommy Dimpoz, Khaligraph, Nandy and Redsun know as Kata

This song was originally done by Nandy and Ommy Dimpoz on 3rd January 2020. The remix was then done on 31st January 2020 and it features two Kenyan Rappers, Khaligraph and Redsun.

It was a great remix Done in 2020 as its flavour is still felt todate.

#8. Zuchu’s song Wana

This song by Zuchu was produced and released under the Wasafi record label. This song marked Zuchu’s debut in the music industry.

#9. Nandy’s song Na Nusu

This artist has grown to great heights in the shortest period of 2 years. This is attributed to the fast and furious collaborations that she has done with top Tanzanian Artists like Diamond and kenyan Artists like willy Paul and Sauti Soul. This has seen her expand her territory and fans in general. Among the top and best female artists in Tanzania, she happens to be the most popular artist amongst them.

Mandy’s part of the Video

#10. Harmonoze’s Song Hainistui

Harmonize started from a very humble beginning when he started his journey in the music industry which he attributed his song “Never Give Up”. Out of his struggle, he is standing out in the music industry in Tanzania with a huge following something that has seen him collaborate with great musicians in East Africa.

Harmonoze who also calls himself Konde Boy basing his origin, left the Wasafi Record Label which saw him get criticized by netizens online. He decided to address his critics through this song “Hainistui”. The song talks of standing by what you think is right despite what other people may be talking about.

Video piece

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