TOP 10 TRENDING SONGS.


  • A Song done by An American Rapper (Future) Featuring Drake.
  • Song released on Jan 10 2020, it is an Hip-hop song.
  • The song is amongst the top 100 hot chart Billboard
  • The Song talks about working and encourages one to work thus it encourages people to work hard despite the time.
  • It’s currently at 1.8 Billion views Streams all over the continent.


2.Blinding Lights By The Weeknd

  • A Song done By a Canadian Singer (Weeknd) Abel Makkonen.
  • Released on November 29, 2019 an R&B song.
  • This Song Weeknd talks about on how one would do anything for the one partner you truly loves despite the Circumstances.
  • The Song is number #10 on the top Billboard trending charts.
  • It’s currently at 483 Million views streams.


  1. 24k Goldn –Mood ft. Iann

  • A Song done by an American Songwriter featuring Iann Dior.
  • Released on July 24, 2020.
  • This Song 24K Goldn talks about a love song talks about problems in relationship if the partner has insecurities acting different this is a vibe you don’t want to miss.
  • The song Features on # 1 on the Top 100 Billboard trending charts.
  • It’s currently at 197 million views streams worldwide.
  • He represents men speaking out their mind try it out.


  1. Intentions –Justin Bieber


  • A Song done by a Canadian Singer Justin Bieber.
  • Released on February 7 2020 a 3 minute song that shock the world.
  • An R&B Song that Justin Bieber encourages ladies they are pretty beautiful the way they are and on the way they look and that they don’t need to add make ups nor look for fashionists to stand out.
  • A Song that’s number #11 on the Top 100 Billboard trending charts.
  • It’s currently a song that’s doing great in the music industry having hit 35 million views lately.
  • It’s a Song that Motivates ladies to accept themselves as they are.


  1. Monster : Justin Bieber & Shawn Mendes

  • A Song done by a Combination of Canadian Singers who’ve been doing collaborations for quite some time ,Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes.
  • Released on November 20, 2020
  • This is an R&B song genre that this two artist speak about generosity and Loyalty that exist between relationships and deserve the best in return and no fast compliments should be made since their loyalty is seen, saying there should be trust in relationships.
  • A vibe you should all try to listen.
  • It’s currently at 125 million views streams.


  1. Work Hard Play Hard : Wiz Khalifa

  • A Song done By an American Rapper by the name Wiz Khalifa.
  • A Song released on May 23, 2012.
  • A Song Khalifa sang in targeting the youth and people who are out there to keep working giving the very best in the work they do, He encourages souls out there to keep moving.
  • This Song is currently at 203 million Views streams.


  1. See You Again: Wiz Khalifa x Charlie Puth

  • This Song is done by An American Rapper (Khalif) Featuring American Singer Charlie Puth.
  • Its genre is Pop Music.
  • A Song released on the year 2015 that shock the world about its vocals.
  • It talks about the pain, grief one goes through when one loses a partner or colleague he or she badly loved and encourages himself that they ll meet in the next life.
  • They wrote this song to pay tribute to the later actor who featured in films (Paul Walker)
  • The song is currently at 5 Billion Views streams worldwide.


  1. Normani x Sam Smith : Dancing with a Stranger

  • A Song done By a British Singer Sam Smith and an American singer Normani.
  • The Song was released on 11th January 2019
  • Its Genre is pop music.
  • Smith talk about the way he feels when his partner is far away from him.
  • The Song is currently at 630 Million Views Streams Worldwide.


  1. Jason Derulo X Nuka : Love not War

  • A Song done by An American Singer by the name (Jason Joe)
  • An R&B Song released on November 20, 2020.
  • Jason talks about the love he feels and what couples should do to be happy.
  • The Song is currently at 77 Million Views.




  1. 21 SAVAGE : Running

  • A Song done By Rapper (Sheyaa Bin Abraham Joseph) who lives in London Born in October 22.
  • The song is an opening track from an Album He calls Savage Mode II
  • Savage raps about how he rules his estate and how his enemies freak out when they detect his presence because he’s one but a bloody dude.
  • He also encourages people not to trust people and always look for people they truly value in life.
  • The Song is Currently at 50 million views Streams and its played regularly

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