1. Kanye West.

Money Worth: $1.8 Billion

Kanye Omari West is an American rapper, record producer, fashionist and a Politician married to Kim Kardashians.

He owns the Yeezy brand. About 1.7 billion comes from his investments all round not forgetting $110million that comes from his music industry and He is the founder of the head of creative content company Donda that is worth millions.

Kanye is the highest paid rapper in the world. He has traded more than 15 million albums globally and his live concert shows range at $3million dollars whereas Rick Ross is paid $100,000 per show. Kanye drives a Slick Lambo Urus car worth $300,000 million, this ride can go up to 381 miles.

Kanye is on the Forbes’ hierarchy of billionaires a position He brags out loud about.

  1. JAY –Z.

Money Worth: $ 1.4 billion

Shawn Corey Carter, A.K.A Jay-Z is an American Rapper, Song writer, Record executive and a potential businessman living in New York, United states married to Beyoncé.

Jay-Z has numerous businesses and investments that generate him a fortune worth millions. He has real big Estates that increase his net worth every month not less than $300 million.

Jay-Z has night clubs that generate up to $400 million. He has sold more than 40 million albums both locally and internationally and over 60 million singles. He has the 22 Grammy Awards and his name appears to be shortlisted by Rolling stone which shows how He is a masterpiece in doing his rap game.

He pockets a $3 million per show he does He demands the same ticket price. Jay-z drives a black Maybach Exelero worth 8.8 million dollars. The Maybach is a high end ride and it’s said at times it drives itself.


Money Worth: $885 000 million


Sean John Combs (puff Daddy) an American Rapper, record producer and an entrepreneur.

Puffy launched his very own record label bad boy’s records in 1993 that generates a good figure to his net. Features in the Hot 100 billboard, He has taken 3 Grammy Awards and 2 Music awards as he is also the entrepreneur investing in companies.

Puffy has focused on business and investing in companies lately because he believes it adds up to his net worth.

  1. DR.Dre

Money Worth: $550 million

Andre Romelle known as Dre a Record producer and an entrepreneur married to Nicole Young.

Dre started as a DJ then he later developed interest in rap game.

In the 2000s, He signed the trending rappers in his label thus Eminem and 50 cent who helped in boosting his net worth. He sold over a million albums in the early 90s that paid him well. Being an entrepreneur he put his focus in investments and businesses and in raising his two children.

  1. Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Money Worth: $230 million

Marshall (Eminem) The Nasty Rapper American Rapper songwriter and Record producer. He is married to Kimberly Anne Scott.

A Rapper whose worldwide known for his tracks that rock the nation. The Rapper has also featured in a movie “8 mile” a movie that was streamed a quite huge figure, Eminem has an Oscar Award for the song “Lose yourself” a first time award for a rap song.

Eminem broke the Guinness Book of world Records for having most words in a song “Rap god” a song that brought in millions.

Bestselling artist of all times .He has sold over 200 million albums records worldwide and the count is still on. He makes $87,625 per day and $1,000,000 per show.

Eminem has a private jet worth millions and drives a Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

  1. Master P

Money worth: $ 200 million

Percy Robert miller an actor a record producer and entrepreneur.

He ventured into Business empires that earned him hundreds of millions of dollars that increases his net worth. He is an executive rap doing well in the rap game, He has a record label of his own “No limits Record”. Master p built a business worth 200 million that gives back every month.

He is still doing great in the Hip-hop game releasing track after track.

Master P has sold over 80 million albums since 2013 worldwide.

  1. USHER

Money Worth: 180 million


Usher Raymond is an American singer,  songwriter, Business man and does dancing at most of times when He is free, Kanye released his debut Album in (1994)Kanye stays at Dallas Texas in the united States. Kanye has featured in the top 100 billboards as one of the best artists. Kanye is married to Grace Migue.

Kanye has produced a variety of single albums in a row, won 2 Grammy Awards  as the Best male artist and on who is the best in doing R&B vocals

Kanye has sold over 20 million albums both locally and Internationally, He has featured Tv interviews and films that have got the world’s attention. Founded a company of his own that goes by the name Usher’s New Look Foundation.

Usher makes upto 50 million from endorsement deals that contributes into his net worth.



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