Top 8 Movies You must Watch


It’s a 2021 American science fiction movie, that takes a duration of (1hr 55min) it`s about a drone pilot who has been given out a mission to carry out, in the process of his mission he gets mixed up with a top secret android officer on a mission to stop a nuclear attack.

It’s a 2020,action film/super hero movie it takes a duration of (1hr 54min) An ex-soldier, a teen and a cop partner up by setting their differences aside to find out the source of a pill that gives one supernatural powers do mysterious things.
It’s a 2020 horror movie that is (1hr 30min) A family moves out to an abandoned house that has stayed in that state for decades and decides to settle in it not knowing what it entails, their nice honey moon turns out into a horrible experience as they are haunted by a Nun.
4: THE OWNERS (2020)

It’s a 2020 horror thriller film that takes a minimum of (1hr 33min) A group of friends join and decide to take a shortcut to success by plotting a plan to steal money from an old house owned by a married old couple, however it turns out it doesn’t work according to plan as their plan backfires and a tragedy begins.

5: GET HARD (2015)

It’s a 2015 dramatic film .A totally hilarious film that involves two crazy men, there is a rich fellar by the name James (will) who has been convicted of fraud and sentenced to a stretch by the judge who fairly gives him one month before he is taken in it is then James turns out to his crazy mate who goes by the name (Kevin Hart) a black regular man with no important job other than a small business for his help. As Kevin subjects James to techniques on how he will be surviving in the prison in the process they realize each other more than they had before.


An action/adventure film that takes a duration of (2hrs).A plot is planned by a Nothern Korean led by guerilla to assault the white house and the people in it but the focus is mostly on the president who is later on captured and taken off. A former secret agent steps out to go and help out in freeing the president from the hands of the criminals and saves some other hostages.
7: THE PALE DOOR (2020)

A 2020 western horror film that lasts for (1hr 36min) .It’s about a robbery that happens on a train. They decide to keep the “gift” they pick from the train not knowing what trouble it will bring them .A Gang of cowboys led by 2 brothers put themselves in a one of a hell situation that involves them to fight in order to survive the night as they find themselves in a different town full of witches.
8: BELZEBUTH (2017)

It’s a horror film produced in the year 2017 taking a range of (1hr 55min) An agent by the name Emmanuel Rittler invesitages a series of crimes and homicides happening consistently on the border between mexico and u.s that sources believe that it is some kind of evil doing that which brings in the priest, who tries to handle the situation with prayers that shows to have been a link between murderers and demons which at the end reveals the real threat to all this.

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