Top Five Engineering Courses In Kenya

If you are intending to plan for your future career in Engineering, this is the guide that will steer you into the right direction. Engineering offers a wide range of specialization that you may need. Considering your area of interest, after reading this article you will be in a better position to choose the right engineering course that will enable you realize your dream. In this article we have included the requirements for admission, Career prospects, Admission criteria and the Key skills that are offered.

Five Best Engineering Courses to Undertake In Kenya

  1. Civil Engineering.

This engineering course has for ages proved to be the best amongst the Kenyan graduates. Studies have shown that those who happen to attain higher qualifications always secure jobs earlier as soon as they graduate than those with low qualifications like diploma and degrees in Civil Engineering. Those with Master’s and PhD are believed to have higher level of specialization and a vast experience in the area. If one chooses to parsue higher levels above the degree, its clear that its much easier for one to be cleared and registered with the Engineering Board of Kenya (EBK).

Basic Requirements

  1. One must have scored an aggregate of an A plain at KCSE level
  2. Score a minimum of C+ in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology or geography.

The above requirements are for those selected by KUCCPS and they vary every year depending on the KCSE performance every year. But the above requirements are set as the minimum qualifications.

2. Aeronautical Engineering

This course always takes up to a maximum of five years. Competency in Mathematics and physics are highly required in this field. If you are an international student and your program is offered in English, you will need to go through a proficiency test through standardized exam or undertake a prior course in English language before you kick off your program.


  1. Minimum of C+ in KCSE OR C Plain with an equivalent diploma
  2. Attain a C+ in all the cluster subjects which include; Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry And Biology or any group III, IV and V.

The skills that one needs to posses in addition to the above qualifications are;

(a) Analytic skills

(b) Problem solving skills

(c) Critical Thinking

(d) Business Skill

3. Computer Engineering

This program is offered in many Kenyan Universities TUK being among them. Thois program is based on technology and innovation. This program offers several career paths including hardware and software engineering. It also blends electrical engineering and computer science in further advancements. The major objective of this course is to ensure that the hardware and software are integrated and are working properly.

The minimum qualifications into this program include;

  • Mean grade of C+ at KCSE level
  • Minimum of C+ in the cluster subjects which are Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

The salaries for those who have this degree ranges from $95000 – $108000.

4. Structural Engineering

This course of recent is highly regarded as many people believe in investing in real estate. The structural engineers are tasked in designing and overseeing the construction of houses, bridges and any other structure that may need their expertise. This program lays great emphasis on the practical application of the gathered knowledge than the theoretical work.

The major objective of this course is to prepare graduates achieve deign and construction of structures and other infrastructural facilities using professional knowledge attained.

5. Software Engineering

Software engineers and web designers have so many reasons due to the growth of mobile applications, social media platforms, and internet. These being the areas where these engineers work, they can reap highly in terms of salaries. If you are looking forward to software engineering, then you are on the right track. Those who have graduated with this course have proved to be very successful as they create manage websites of very big companies which pay them enormously.  At the same time, companies may higher you to design a software and applications for them which will aid them in their daily operations. Therefore, this is another engineering course that you will be required to consider in your list of engineering courses.

Therefore, the above courses have proved to be the best among the engineering courses that can earn you a living at the end of the day. So if you are looking for this courses, then you must have gathered relevant knowledge as far as your quest for career is concerned.

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