Top Five Medical Schools in Kenya

In the current world, Medical courses have become the best as those who graduate with Degrees and Diploma Courses in medicine are on a high demand as many people are getting sick and they need some treatments. Those who have graduated have shown lack of interest of getting employed by the government or parastatals as they are capable of starting their own medical facilities something that earns then a huge sum of money. From the analysis, it has been observed that the employers are keen on the persons they assign jobs in various facilities in the country based on the University or College from where one has graduated from. Therefore its advisable that when you are making choices of joining a college or university, always make sure that you choose on the right university that is accredited to offer the medical courses and the quality of education offered in that institution that will steer you up the career larder.

In this article, we have engraved the best five universities that offer Medical courses and have shown outstanding and exemplary performance from those who have graduated from those institution and their general performance in their place of work. The following now is an outline of the best five schools that are renowned in the country based on; The infrastructure of teaching, ratio of lecturer to student ratio, Governance, Faculty quality, Research and innovation, School health facility for attachment and internship and school’s compliance with the KMPDU guidelines.

(a) Kenyatta University, Medical school

This University should your top choice in the medical field. Its training infrastructure, brilliant graduation rates and outstanding student support make this the best Medical school in Kenya. Additionally, students also enjoy executing their practicals from the neighboring Kenyatta University Teaching and referral hospital which improves their practical skill.

(b) Nairobi University Medical school

This university has consistently won medical awards for quite a long time in Kenya’s medical research and innovation . The university has well endowed and experienced lecturers who help the students execute their daily studies. Their experience allows them to offer quality education among their students. The close proximity of the Kenyatta National Hospital and UoN’s school of medicine teaching hospital makes them among the best university schools in Kenya. Since they have met all the requirements set by relevant authorities, this make the university rank among the best medical schools in Kenya.

(c) Moi University , Medical School

This medical school was launched in 2005 from the school of health sciences. It has grown since then and has become the best among the best medical schools in Kenya. The school has given birth to two other schools, which is School of Dentistry and School of Nursing. They recently put up another school of Biomedical Informatics.

The institution is well endowed with a university hospital, the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital. This makes its students enjoy humble and ample atmosphere of gaining practical skills.

(d) The Kenya Methodist University’s Medical school

Among the private universities, KeMU happens to be the university that meets the requirements set by Medical science authority. This university offers the most competitive courses like Medicine and Surgery. The school has great lecturers who are qualified from the school of medicine and majority of them being medical practitioners.

(e) Mount Kenya University’s medical school

This university has beaten most renowned universities by scoring highly in all areas under consideration. The university has grown considerably and its heading to greater heights amongst the private universities known.

This university’s medical school has the largest medical lab for anatomy at Thika Level 5 Hospital where it has partnered with Kiambu County Government. This is among the giant schools producing experienced personels in the medical field. If you are looking for a medical school to join, you can consider the Mount Kenya’s Medical school.

The above universities are the best among other universities which offer medical courses. If you are purposing to join medical school, you can consider the above schools as they offer quality education.

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