Top Ten Diploma Courses In Kenya

Are you looking for a diploma course in Kenya that can see you in the job market soon after graduation, then you are in the right track.

Universities and colleges offer quite a number of diploma Courses. The institution can not brief you about the course that you would like to take. Therefore its your responsibility to have knowledge of the best diploma Courses that will see you through in the job markets. Many people have made mistakes in selecting a diploma course something that costs them highly when it comes to the job market. Its a brilliant idea to research on the best course before you apply for any course.

He we are going to take you through the best ten courses that we believe they are worthy undertaking as they tend to have almost an immediate job market. Let’s now take a closer look at these courses so that we can ascertain what is best for us.

#1. Nursing

The need for nurses is on another level in Kenya and even in other countries like USA.  Nursing in the recent past has become a hot cake since there so many people who are getting sick and the government is putting up many hospitals to cater for the needs of patients. Similarly, in countries like USA where the large number of its citizens is at an old age, it need nurses who would be taking care of them. Always nurses tend to earn a good salary that is commensurate to their work. Since nurses are also divided into various sections, they don’t earn equal amount of money. But averagely with the new salary scale that the nurses have been accorded as at 1st January 2021, a nurse earns up to a tune of Ksh. 65,000 as the starting salary to a maximum scale of Ksh. 273,000.

In the USA, nurses are paid per hour. A qualified and registered nurse pockets up to Ksh. 127,300 per month and $11,250 per year.

Therefore for those who would like to venture into this course, you can see that its a nice course and the cake is also bigger. Tamacking is not their portion as they get absorbed almost immediately.

#2. Pharmacy

This is a course that is mind blowing but its returns are absolutely huge. Its one of the courses which once one has done it and graduated, he/she can not tarmack looking for jobs. If you don’t secure a job and you have some capital you can employ yourself by starting a chemist which will be supplying medicine.

Pharmacists always earn a huge sum of money both in the private and public sector. Their starting salary is Ksh. 128,418 up to a maximum of Ksh. 11,514,900 depending on your job group the section of specialization.

#3. Finance and Accounting

With the rise in number of factories and industries in the corporate world, it means that accountants and financial accountants are needed in this sectors. Also devolution has created many offices which needs accountants to balance there balance sheets and cheque books. Therefore anybody who happens to venture into this course will get absorbed into the job market as soon as he/she graduates.

The average salary of an accountant is Ksh. 300,000. The best paying sectors include, insurance companies, actuarial firms and audit firms.

#4. Mass communication and Journalism

Since there are so many radio stations and TV stations that are coming up in the country, this course remains marketable. One thing that you should know is that this course requires pure talent and your education is an added advantage that need to open your eyes to see the available opportunities in the industry.

A diploma holder in this profession can pocket up to Ksh. 60,000 per month. As you climb up the ladder, you will earn up to a maximum of Ksh. 2M.

#5. Procurement and Sales Management

These officers are in charge of making decisions of an organisation when it comes to purchases. Any organisation that is working under strict rules and following the protocols laid down must need a qualified procurement officer. Once you have secured this job, you can not depend on your salary as it comes with its goodies like allowances, bonuses, overtime and tips.

Staring salary of a procurement officer with 1-4 years of working experience earns up to Ksh. 450,000. The salary goes up to a maximum of Ksh. 683,865.

#6. Quantity Survey

The demand of quantity surveyors is increasing with the increase in the field of real estate.

The average Starting salary of a quantity surveyor is Ksh. 204,000.

#7.  Architecture

Since many people are erecting houses both in the rural and urban area, its clear that architects will never lack a job. They are needed to design plans of houses and other structures. This will earn them a good income.

The starting average salary of a design architect in Kenya is Ksh.764,706.

#8. Engineering

This course is split into various sections including Civil, Mechanical and Electrical.

The goodness of this course is that you can employ yourself and even others. And once you get employed, the cake is also bigger of up to Ksh. 124,000 per month. But this also depends of the type of engineer you are.

#9. Business Management

Once you have this diploma, you are way better than other degrees. With this diploma you can start your own business or you can be employed by a very big company to manage its operations.

The average salary here ranges from Ksh. 109,000 – Ksh. 236,000.

#10. Information Technology

With the advancement in technology and organisations .moving into digital means of providing services to its clients, its crystal clear that if you take this course you won’t lack a job. Also you can employ yourself by opening an itech firm. You can create websites for campanies and other organisations. This will get you a good pay.

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