Top Ten Hardest Course Courses In Kenya

When it comes to university courses, some are harder and complex while others are simple. What many people fail to understand is that some courses like Communication have a lot of overlap with other subjects like mathematics, Languages and Science.

When assessing the difficulty of a given course, it all depends on the individual undertaking the course, their objectives and their passion in that area.

The following courses are deemed to be the hardest courses and if one develops an interest to parsue them, it’s important for one to understand and prepare him/herself psychologically before starting the program.

1. Actuarial science

This course encompasses many subjects and need constant effort in perfecting it.

What makes this course the hardest it the exam that one need to set up to 300 hours studying for it. If one fails to pass in any one unit in this course, it becomes a problem when it comes to getting a job.

2. Architecture

This course is among the most demanding courses in Kenya. What makes this course the hardest is its high demand of a student’s ability to think out of the box when designing something.

When it comes to workload, its so enormous and requires you to remember very sophisticated formulae.

Since this program tends to introduce new techniques, technologies, methods and materials, it makes the course complicated. You must be sure of learning new ideas everyday.

3. Computer Science

This course contains some disturbing programming techniques. This course requires one to be conversant with so many concepts including Mathematics, Calculus, Discrete Mathematics and statistics. This girl I’d of greater value to those who are great thinkers and problem solvers.

4. Engineering

All the engineering related programs are the hardest to do. Students go through extensive studies as the requires them to develop skill to solve problem in the world of technology and engineering.

What makes this course the hardest is the fact that it requires you to be smarter in mathematical concepts which will enable you achieve a good and smooth ride in the course.

5. Financial Engineering

This course requires you to have a strong foundation in mathematical concepts. The mathematical areas that one needs to master is linear algebra, numerical analysis, derivatives and calculus.

Another aspect that makes this course complicated is because it combines concepts on computer science, modelling and programming.

6. Law

Law has always proved to be the hardest program for students to score first class honors. I has also proved to be backbreaking degree at university level.

What makes this course complicated is due to huge volume of studies, a lot of abstract concepts and its competitive nature the demands excellent grades without which a graduate will get a hard time in securing a legal role.

7. Medicine

This is the most difficult course to study at university level. What makes this course hard is the competitive practice of securing a higher institution of learning, it’s high entry behavior, its duration of study which is longer than other courses and where a student needs broader knowledge and critical thinking to pass the exam in prefer for him to graduate.

8. Nursing

Any nursing program is rigorous when it comes to studying. It requires different classes including knowledge in statistics, mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. This course requires hard work since its scope is far reaching.

9. Pharmacy

This course requires more effort since it entails concepts like, Biochemistry, Physics, physiology, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biostatistics, organic Chemistry and many other concepts.

These concepts that the course requires need one to understand them widely and know to apply them since they are not as easy as other concepts.

Another thing that makes this course hard, is the fact that as a pharmacist you must have exceptional knowledge of drugs whether present or recalled.

10. Chemistry

This course becomes the hardest in the whole world. This course is hard course it entails lab work which can take several hours to carry out and complete. Also chemistry is a wide subject that brings in some other concepts from other disciplines.

In the program, one need to battle with some complicated concepts like organic Chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry.

The above courses requires one to be tough and hard-working. If one is not hard-working, then these courses are a no go zone.

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