Top Famous Artists in Kenya

The Kenyan music has grown for ages. In this decade, other types of music such as Genge, Kapuka and Gengeton have now emerged. In the recent past and to date, Music industry has proved to be a good paying business opportunities. Those who have ventured into business have been seen to be successful in all manner of areas.

Then Kenyan music has not received immense support from its own country, something that has taken the music industry very long to grow like in other countries. As much as the artists are not receiving immense support, its cler that the Kenyan artists have worked tirelessly and some are receiving recognition from other countrues which have proved that the Kenyan music is on another level.

The following artists have been ranked to be among those artists who have taken a step in their music industry. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Sauti Sol

This is an afro-pop brand in Kenya. The brand comprises of Savara Mudigi, Polycarp Otieno,Willis Chimano and Bein Baraza. These guys have been dropping hit after hit since the onset of their fame. Sauti sol has set very high standards for other artists has they have won so many prestigious awards, performed live on stage, produced so many albums and collaborating with the top musicians in the country. They are always invited to various events where they are paid well. Some of their sons include; Melanin, Lazizi, Kuliko Jana, Nishike, Isabella,Sura yako, Unconditionally bae and the latest one suzzana.

sauti Sol Crew

2. Fena

This lady Fena Gitu has proved to be phenomenal among the females if her music is something to go by. She has been in the industry for a long time and she is know for her songs “Birikicho” and “Dutch”.

Among the female artists, she happens to be the first artist to drop an album that is so consolidated and which received acceptance from diverse origins. She has remained relevant for a long time since she entered into the industry because of her persistent nature and hard work. For someone who has had an opportunity to attend her live performance, can appreciate her ability to move the crowd.

Fena Gitu Performing

3. King Kaka

King Kaka’s real name is Kenneth Ombima. He is know to be the king of spoken word. He is a fluent rapper and can rap from economic issues to social issues. Last year he stirred the internet when he release a hit of spoken word  titled “Wajinga Nyinyi” that was targeting politicians including Ferdinand Waititu and the Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru. Ann Waiguru threatened to sue him but the attempts did not bear fruits.

He has proved to be the king of rap for  along time has he has maintained and remained relevant in the industry and its clear that he is not quitting the industry soon.

King Kaka

4. The Kansoul

This crew was establishe way back in 2014 and it comprises of Mejja, Madtraxx and Kid Kora. Each member here has produced a number of hit songs and they are now working as a team giving us very hot hits. The new music they dropped last year, “Accelerator” has shown that the group is staying focussed and relevant in their course. Other songs that they have released are “Bablas” and No woman No Party”.

5. Suzanna Owiyo

Owiyo gained her fame while she was performing in the centennial festival in Kisumu. She ws tasked to make a melody signature for the primary function that was to take place. During her performance she was applauded and hullaballoos filled the venue. She went ahead and did a collection that was received whole heartedly by the people from the radio stations.This won her an award with Kora Awards in 2002 as the most promising female artist.

Suzanna Owiyo

6. Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph has remained to be the king of Rap in Kenya and even in East Africa. He has dropped several hits which are mind blowing and which has done pretty fine on youtube and other social media platforms. He is known for his hits like; Yego, Toa Tint, Gwala, Disregard me, Mazishi, and we be happening among others

He has engaged himself in collaborations with iother Kenyan Artists and even international artists. He has performed in several stages here in Kenya and even international stages.

Khaligraph Jones

7. Nyashinski

His real name is Nyamari Ongegu. He began his music in the rap industry with the Kleptomaniax and later a hiatus in America. When he came back, he assumed the Kenyan stages and has proved to be the best in the rap industry. Nyashinski hails from Kisii land and has flown the Kenyan flag and that of the Kisii community in various parts of the world. Sice his arrival in 2016, he has release over ten hit singles which have received immense and tremendous support from his fans. His hit songs include; Aminia, Now You Know, Marathon Runner, Free and Bebi bebi



The above artists are the famous artists who are know in Kenya who have always remained relevant since they entered into the industry.

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