TPAD Filling Now Takes a New Turn As TSC Issues New Directive

New rules on filling TPAD for term one 2021 has been introduced by the teachers service commission n( TSC). Unlike the previous years, the commission has introduced mandatory documents that a teacher needs to upload when filling the TPAD online.

The appraisal system which is gradual and systematic was intr5oduced by the commission to the teachers in teaching profession to review, monitor and improve the already existing teaching standards.

When filling the TPAD, most teachers ignore the part where they are required to upload relevant evidence. They fail to understand that they need to evaluate themselves gradually and supply all the essential documents and information.

This term has taken a new turn where teachers are required to upload mandatory items to the commission through the online TPAD system which is aimed at ensuring that every teacher provides relevant evidence whenever he/she is filling every section in the TPAD since it has been seen that many teachers are just filling the sections just for the sake and as a formality.

The following documents are mandatory whenever you are filling the TPAD according to the Teachers Service Commission ( TSC);

  1. Teachers’ certificates
  2. Certified Documents from School administrators

This move by the commission is aimed at ensuring that the audit process by the commission is easier so that it can easily identify who did not take part in the exercise and why.

Therefore, teachers are required to start assembling the relevant and verifiable documents from the beginning of the term in readiness for filling the TPAD and uploading those documents in every section as provided by the TPAD online system.

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