TPADs: What TSC Should Know Before Punishing Teachers Whose Appraisals Are Incomplete

The schools are closed for one week after which the students will report back for term two syllabus coverage.This term has seen various reactions after new developments in the way the teachers have been handling the CBC lessons.Shifting the burden to the parents have ellicited mixed reactions.


Teachers have had rough times in schools this term due to mixture of issues.The Commission had given them the whole term to uppload their Tpads before the end of the term.Unfortunately,not all teachers do manage to beat this deadline.Some teachers are already writing show cause letters as to why they never beat the TSC deadline in the previous Tpads.


Before TSC should even think of punishing these teachers who failed to beat the deadline that elapsed last night.TSC should know the following facts about teachers:


1-When schools are opened,the teachers have to prepare schemes of work,lessons plans,progress records and other materials that they need throughout the term.TSC is well aware how hectic the New CBC schemes of work and the lesson plans are complicated and detailed compared to the old ones.This in itself consume a lot of time for the teachers.


2-Teachers have had short time to cover the syllabus.The Government reduced the learning period from 39 to 30 weeks.The teachers are competing to clear the syllabus within this stipulated time.


3-There have been increase in number of lessons for the teachers this term.The current grade five class this year has automatically increased the teachers’ workloads.The classes are full of learners.Teachers have to teach and mark the many books, record the progress for the learners in the progress record books.


4-The current assessment books require that teachers record them on daily basis after every lesson.This is another hectic time for the teachers.


5-Even if the teachers are to do the upploading of the Tpads through their smartphones,not every part of the country has sufficient network that can aid this.Futhermore,the TSC portal in itself has been giving the teachers sleepless nights.Teachers have to stay until midnight just to try to beat the Commission’s deadline.


Is TSC justified to punish teachers who never beat the deadline.Now that the teachers are headed for TPD modules trainings,it is possible that teachers will shift their concentration again on the TPDs so that they don’t fail the exams.They will have to read.

This is another endless responsibility. Instead,the Commission should extend the deadline for them now that they are at home for holiday.Punishing them is unjustified.

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