TPAY Data; How To Update Email, Phone Number

In the beginning of 2021, the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) introduced an electronic platform that allows for official emails, virtual meetings, and remote learning.


The electronic platform is intended for use by all instructors who are paid through the Teachers Service Commission, including those who are participating in internship programs.


Email addresses that have been activated will receive all communications from the Commission.


The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has given educators one month to make any necessary changes to their contact information, including their phone numbers and email addresses, which will be utilized in the loan approval process.


In a recent announcement, the Teachers Service Commission provided educators with updated recommendations for validating T Pay Data.


This comes as a result of concerns voiced by educators on the difficulties of authenticating their emails, despite the fact that they had made their accounts quite some time ago. Another problem is that the one-time password (OTP) does not work.


Steps for certifying TPAY data

1. To view your payslip, navigate to the TPAY login page on the TSC website and enter your login information.


2. You must upload a photo of yourself for your passport that shows your face in its entirety and does not include any headwear or glasses.


3. Enter your current mobile phone number and make sure it’s correct.


4. After entering your mobile phone number, a One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your device automatically.


5. Input the one-time password to validate the mobile phone number.


6. Make sure the mobile number is correct by selecting the validate tab with your mouse.


7. Enter the Commission’s official email address and verify that it is correct. This could be something like [email protected] or [email protected] for secretariat staff.


8. Make sure that you have entered the proper email address by selecting the validate tab after you have finished entering it.

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