TSC 2021 Replacement

The number of teachers who are trained, registered but unemployed by the teachers service commission is far much high than those employed by the TSC. Currently, the teachers employed by the TSC stands at 337,432 and those that are unemployed now stands at over 350,000 teachers. This is a large number that requires the government and the TSC to act in speed in order to rescue these suffering lot.

Teachers service commission has been employing 5000 teachers on permanent basis every year in the past three years. But this does not even translate to 2% of unemployed teachers.

As much as the number of teachers who are unemployed is skyrocketing, the lucky few teachers will be able to be absorbed by the teachers service commission this year. This is after 7,908 teachers retired on 31st December 2020 after clicking the age of retirement which is set at 60 years but the commission has decided to advertise only 431 replacement vacancies.

The assurance from the Teachers service commission CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia is that these retired teachers will be replaced swiftly within a month something that has not come true since the teachers retired.

The criteria the commission is using of employing 5000 teachers every financial year does not translate even to the number of teachers the commission registers every year. For instance, the teachers Service commission registered 8,500 teachers in the financial year 2020/21 which shows a high number of teacher who are unemployed every year. This implies from statistics that over 3,500 teachers registered every year are not able to secure employment.

For those unemployed teachers, its time to sharpen your documents and put them ready to face the panelists when the interviews kick off. As much as the vacancies will not cater for all of those who are unemployed, but it would reduce the back log of teachers which will give hope to others who are still seeking employment.

The advertised posts are as follows.

Replacement of Secondary Teachers Through Natural Attrition February 2021 (1)

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  1. The previous yrs score sheet was better coz this was the yr of 2010 graduands in some parts of the country, but now we are not securing the jobs becoz of ties with graduands of 2011,2012 and 2013 I feel like I will be left out after some time coz the course has also changed from p1 to something else. Very much worried with this tsc.

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