TSC Declares These Subject Combination A Hotcake For Upcoming Recruitment

In teaching, one  has to make a right decision on the kind of subject combination to go for.


In kenya teachers may find themselves in hard situations whereby they stay out for along time after graduation without being absorbed by TSC (Teacher service commission).


Despite of other  group staying  for long time without TSC  job, there are those who get employed by TSC  immediately after graduating.


Most of those  who stay for  long without employed by TSC say is due to ‘bad luck’ to them whereas others get employed immediately. This is not the case but this is determined by a variety of factors.


The factors include ;


a) the type of subject combination one has.


b) how long the teacher has stayed without being employed after graduating.


c) the willingness  one has to work in any part of the country.


1. HOME SCIENCE with any subject other subject


This is a very good  subject together with any other subject like Biology. It is very marketable and the goodness is that you can enroll to take without having done Home science at high school. The requirement is C+  and above in Biology.




It is also among the most  marketable subject combination one needs to consider.


During TSC  employment, a teacher who has this combination is likely to be permanently without even staying at home for a long time.




This  is a type of combination that most  people term it as ‘hot cake’. Having this combination there is a increased probability  to be employed permanently with TSC  at any time after graduation.


Agricultural skills are not only important only  for TSC purpose but also in managing some farming projects in schools which  will generate some income for a living.




If you need to be employed by TSC immediately after  graduation, then this is the  one of the best marketable subject combination one need to enroll to.


It is highly marketable because fewer students enroll and it only requires a C+ and above in both the two subjects.


5. COMPUTER STUDIES with any other subject


To avoid a lot of tamacking, one should enroll for computer studies at the University. This combination is highly marketable and one is likely to be employed after completion since less  number students enroll for it.


On addition the computer skill acquired enables  one to earn a living by  doing the KRA Returns filling, TPAD filling and even NEMIS.


To add on the above five subject combinations, there are also a number of subjects that are marketable. They include ; music, Arts and Design, Drawing and Design, Metal works, Woodwork, Mechanics, Electricity and alao Building and  Construction.


In situation where  one is unable to take all the above  subjects combination one should consider having a combination of Business and Geography or mathematics and  physics which  are also  very marketable.


To avoid  long stays at home after graduation, there are subjects one needs avoid completely, This is because they have many teachers with same combination who are yet to be employed by TSC. They include, English and Literature, Kiswahili and Geography, Kiswahili and History, kiswahili and CRE, Maths and Business studies, History and CRE.

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