TSC Deregisters Another Batch of over 50 Teachers In November

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has released a list of 43 teachers who have been deregistered in October-November 2021.

Here is the list from TSC;

In exercise of powers conferred by section 30 (1) (e) of the Teachers Service Commission Act Chapter 212 of the Laws of Kenya, the Commission wishes to notify the public that the persons whose names are specified in the schedule herein below have been removed from the Register of Teachers pursuant to the provision of section 30 (2) of the Teachers Service Commission Act.


S/nTSC NoCase NoNamesDateDetermined
14979920100/09/2018/2019/RC084/11/2019/2020Oscah Odegi24/9/2021
23845310388/05/2018/2019/RC/1117/12/2019/2020Cosmas Kileta24/9/2021
34271380268/07/2019/2020/RC027/12/2020/2021Dennis Okoth24/9/2021
45108940266/07/2017/2020Dancan Onyango24/9/2021
53047070313/03/2018/2019/RC031/09/2019/2020Gregory Onyango24/9/2021
62546490464/11/2019/2020/RC024/12/2020/2021John G. Njeru24/9/2021
76370500338/04/2018/2019/RC026/09/2019/2020Kennedy Mbatha24/9/2021
83964410214/12/2018/2019/RC100/12/2019/2020Stephen Kamau24/9/2021
95297970074/04/2018/2019/RC036/12/2020/2021Joseph Okumu24/9/2021
104589750354/04/2018/2019/RC/089/2019/2019Douglas Ondieki24/9/2021
115058590297/08/2019/RC/089/11/2019/2020Benard Simiyu24/9/2021
122870850037/04/2017/2018/RC/047/11/2019/2020Kennedy Kambaga24/9/2021
134029030706/0/2016/2017/RC100/004/07/2019/2020Samuel Ndunda24/9/2021
143643160139/10/2018/2019/RC046/11/2019/2020Simon Mutie24/9/2021
151976090043/08/2018/2019/RC118/12/2019/2020Paul Ndive Sila24/9/2021
165316080251/01/2018/2019/RC087/11/2019/20Jonathan Musyimi24/9/2021
176511771115/06/2016/2017/RC0162/02/2019/20Silas Mbaabu M.24/9/2021
182953430360/04/2018/2019/RC042/10/2019/20Joseph M. Mugo24/9/2021
195212120400/06/2018/2019/RC023/12/2020/21Dennis Kimathi24/9/2021
203456890364/04/2018/2019/RC153/01/2019/2020Peter Kimotho24/9/2021
215253610144/11/2017/2018/RC028/12/2020/2021Boniface Mukoto24/9/2021
226484280147/10/2018/2019RC/035/10/2019/2020Nickson O. Waudo24/9/2021
233337690151/11/2017/2018/RC130/01/2019/2020Jael A.Ater24/9/2021
245122600311/08/2019/2020/RC029/12/2020/2021Aggrey Chebulimo24/9/2021
255234200263/07/2019/2020Martin L. Luvisia24/9/2021
264070760397/07/2018/2019RC/030/12/2020/2021David O. Mboga24/9/2021
275542600382/05/2018/2019/RC104/12/2019/20Onyango O. Philip24/9/2021
283416380273/01/2018/2019/RC155/01/2019/2019Onyango J. Ojwang’24/9/2021
295013890204/11/2018/2019/RC115/12/2019/2020Zachary O. Otieno24/9/2021
303010020197/11/2018/2019/RC115/12/2019/2020Vincent Wanyonyi24/9/2021
312429120140/10/2018/2019/RC025/12/2020/2021Didimo Asuka24/9/2021
325793210334/08/2019/2020Tony Pitali24/9/2021
33406093042/09/2020/2021Innocent Ogega24/9/2021
34393920041/09/2020/2021Pius Sifuna24/9/2021
35433159082/12/2020/2021Moses Mwenda24/9/2021
366271230523/02/2019/2020Ibrahim Opiyo24/9/2021
374635360363/09/2019/2020Joseph K. Kariuki24/9/2021
38591245081/12/2020/2021Moses Odhiambo24/9/2021
394764190384/05/2018/2019Ali Sanga24/9/2021
405803440481/12/2019/2020Shadrack Kioko24/9/2021
412621850515/02/2019/2020Peter Eukiri24/9/2021
426787370386/05/2018/2019David O. Otsieno24/9/2021
435453690453/11/2019/2021Kevin Kehondo24/9/2021

It is drawn to the attention of the persons whose names appear in the above schedule and to the general public the provisions of sections 30 (4) and (5) and section 23 (2) of the Teachers Service Commission Act which provide:

  1. where the name of any teacher is removed from the register under this Act, such name shall not be reinstated except by direction of the Commission.
  2. A teacher whose name has been removed from the register shall cease to be a teacher for purposes of this Act with effect from the date of such removal”.
  3. A person shall not engage in the teaching service unless such a person is registered as a teacher under this Act”.

Further to the provisions of the TSC Act, Regulation 18 (1) (c) (d) of the Code of Regulations for Teachers as read together with section 45 of the TSC Act provides that any person who:-

  1. Not being a teacher under the Act teaches or assists in teaching in any school;
  2. Suffers or permits or employs in any school a person not being a registered teacher shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of not less than one hundred thousand shillings or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both”.

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