TSC Emerges with the highest expenditure of 206 billions in this financial year

Of all the government ministries and departments, Teachers Service Commission is ranked at the top during this financial year, which they are attributing to payment of salaries.

The Teachers Service Commission has spent Sh206 billion to compensate workers for the first nine months of this financial year to be the highest amount of money in government, departments and agencies.

Repeated expenditure analysis shows that Sh354.45 billion has been spent by government departments and organizations.

According to the Budget Director Margaret Nyakang’o’s report on the review of the implementation of the National Government budget for the 2020-21 financial year, teacher compensation stands at 57.3 per cent of the total amount spent on salaries by national government.

The report is an analysis of the first nine months of this financial year.

Nyakang’o pointed out that the TSC’s spending is the fact that most of its budget when it pays teachers salaries.

“The Teachers Service Commission recorded a total of Sh206 billion in workers’ compensation, which translates to 57.3 percent of the total compensation spent by the national government,” Nyakang’o said.

The report complies with Article 228 of the Constitution of Kenya and Section 9 of the Controller of Budget Act, 2016, which requires the CoB to submit quarterly budget reports to National and regional governments every four months.

It showed that the transfer of large sums of money to private government agencies (SAGAs) was the highest level at Sh183.84 billion representing 54.9 per cent of the development budget.

“The construction of non-residential buildings at Sh19.68 billion represents 5.9 percent of the total development expenditure,” he noted.

Nyakang’o said some of the budget items recorded low levels of expenditure during the period under review, which he said was due to the impact of the Covid-19 mitigation measures adopted by the government to curb the spread of the disease.

“Those affected were traveling, training and hospitality which is one of the most widely used budget items by MDAs,” he said.

At the time of review, the total expenditure incurred by the national government was Sh1.83 trillion, representing 60.0 per cent of the revised estimates.

These include development, previous expenditure and CFS expenditure of Sh334.54 billion (48.0 per cent of the revised development costs), Sh815.79 billion (64% of double rates) and Shs. 676.67 billion (63.0%) of the major revised figures respectively, ”the report said.

“Spending on development was higher than funding expenditure due to funding available to fund some of the costs.”

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