TSC Enhancement Course For Teachers And Educators That Will Get You A Job Faster

The Ministry of Education has reiterated the need for teachers and other staff to undertake enhancement courses at only approved institutions. The Ministry has, at the same time, given a the list of approved courses and the duration for each of them.

Via a Circular dated March 13, 2020, the Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha says training shall only be provided by the Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI).

“It has come to the attention of this office (Education Cabinet Secretary’s office) that training in the Education sector is being conducted in other institutions and bodies in courses which are otherwise available at KEMI,” says the CS.

A past Training Session at KEMI.
A past Training Session at KEMI.

“In this regard, the purpose of this circular therefore is to direct that all training and development activities be undertaken through KEMI,” he adds.

This comes even as the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, plans to roll out in service training programmes for all practicing teachers.

The Commission has already contracted institutions that will be offering the refresher training programme christened Teacher Professional Development (TPD) modules. The teachers will be expected to meet the training costs for the modules that will be offered during school holidays. Of importance to note is the fact that the training will be mandatory for all practicing teachers.

A teacher who will fail to undertake the short courses would be deemed to have violated the TSC code of regulation and may face disciplinary action from the employer.

Kenyatta University, Mount Kenya University, Riara University and Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI) have been identified to offer the Teacher Professional Development modules. A teacher will be at liberty to choose an institution of his/ her choice where to take the TPD modules. According to TSC, the starting date will be announced once all logistics are addressed. Teacher Professional Development will continuously update teacher knowledge, skills, attitude and values encourage teachers’ learning communities.


According to Prof. Magoha, there is a total of twenty three (23) courses on offer at KEMI. Below is a list of the Courses, target groups and duration for each course;

1Diploma in Education MangementLong Term CoursePrincipal/ Deputy Principal, Head Teachers, Senior Teachers, Heads of Departments, Tutors and InstructorsOne (1) Year.
2Institutional Leadership and Management CourseShort Term CourseCounty Education Board (CEBs), Boards of Management (BOMs) and Parents Associations (PTA) Members.One (1) Week.
3Management of Office of Career ServicesShort Term CourseCareer Services Officers, Guidance and Counseling Officers, Deans of Students, Deans of Studies and Liaison Officers.One (1) Week.
4Financial ManagementShort Term CoursePrincipals, Head Teachers, Deputy Heads, Finance Officers, Bursars, Accounts Clerks.One (1) Week.
5Public Procurement ManagementShort Term CourseProcurement Officers, Finance Officers, principals, Head Teachers and Bursars.One (1) Week.
6Induction Course in Education ManagementShort Term CourseNewly appointed Principals, Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, senior Teachers and Heads of departments (HODs).One (1) Week.
7Guidance and Counselling CourseShort Term CoursePrincipals/ Deputy Principals, Head Teachers, Guidance and Counseling Heads of DepartmentOne (1) Week.
8Institutional Leadership and Management CourseShort Term CoursePrincipals at the National Polytechnics, Technical and Vocational Training Centres (TVCs) Education Managers and Vocational Training Centre Managers/ Heads of Section.One (1) Week.
9Management of Education in Devolved UnitsShort Term CourseSenior County EducationOfficers,One (1) Week.
10Education Management Course (EMC)Short Term CourseEducation Officers, Quality Assurance & Standards OfficersOne (1) Week.
11Education for Sustainable Development CourseShort Term CourseSchool Heads, County Directors and BOMsOne (1) Week.
12Office Management and AdministrationShort Term CourseAdministration OfficersOne (1) Week.
13Training of TrainersShort Term CourseTrainers/ FacilitatorsOne (1) Week.
14Education Law Policy and ReformsShort Term CourseEducation Officers, Education Officers in devolved UnitsOne (1) Week.
15Student Leadership CourseShort Term CourseStudent Leadership Councils at the Universities, TVCs, Secondary and Primary Schools.One (1) Week.
16Stores MangementShort Term Course; Get breaking news from educationnewshub.co.keStore Keepers in TVCs and secondary SchoolsThree (3) Days
17Strategic Planning CourseShort Term CoursePrincipal/ Deputy Principal, Head Teachers, Senior Teachers and Heads of DepartmentsOne (1) Week.
18Instructional LeadershipShort Term CoursePrincipal/ Deputy Principal, Head Teachers, Senior Teachers and Heads of DepartmentsOne (1) Week.
19Performance ManagementShort Term CoursePrincipal/ Deputy Principal, Head Teachers, Senior Teachers and Heads of DepartmentsOne (1) Week.
20ECDE Mangement CourseShort Term Course; Get breaking news from educationnewshub.co.keECDE ManagersOne (1) Week.
21ICT Intergration in Curriculum DeliveryICT Intergration in Education MangaementDeputy Head Teachers, Heads of Departments and Senior TeachersOne (1) Week.
22ICT Intergration in education ManagementICT Intergration in Education MangaementEducation Mangers, Principals and Head TeachersOne (1) Week.
23Monitoring and Evaluation CourseResearch and Consultancy Servicesquality Assurance and Standards Officers, Education Directors, Education Officers and Project Managers.One (1) Week.


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