TSC Finally Puts Smiles On The Faces Of The Newly Employed Teachers.

 Teacher Service Commission  is an independent body  in Kenya under the ministry of education. The  commission is under  Dr. Nancy Macharia who is  current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and  is mandated with the powers  to employ, sack and deploy Teachers to schools in any part of this country.

The commission  is responsible the recruitment of teachers, promotion and remuneration in partnership with Salaries and Remuneration Commission as well as looking at the welfare of its employees across the country  among many other roles.

Late last month, the commission   conducted employment exercise in which it  employed a total of 10,000 teachers in a bid to curb teacher shortages in schools across the country . This employment exercise  began on July 22nd and  came to an end on 28th of the same month.


Today 31st August 2021 marks a memorable day for most  of the newly employed teachers  as they started receiving their posting  letters .This is after the Commission had confirmed to the public through  the chief executive officer Dr. Macharia, that it will start posting the new teacher recruits to their new working stations by the end of August  this year.


The Teacher Service Commission  stands as an independent commission in Kenya and  is mandated to serve all Teachers. Among it’s roles it performs include  looking at the teachers welfare across the country as it is the employer of all Teachers.

The commission is equally  responsible when it comes to recruitment of teachers, remuneration as well as promotion of teachers   among other roles .


In the recent recruitment exercise, TSC managed to employ a total number of 10,000 teachers in a bid to curb teacher shortages in Kenyan schools. The  employment exercise began on July  22nd and came to an end on 28th of the same month.

The commission has already confirmed that the remaining slot of the newly employed teachers will  continue receiving their posting letters from Sub county directors for the whole of this week before reporting to their new stations to start working immediately.

The commission has also reported  that it is working up  on plans to recruit more  teachers plus other interns in December so as to curb the teacher shortage experienced in the country.

It also  reported that  future recruits will be posted almost early enough after being employed to start working immediately. This is gives hope  to several unemployed teachers as they are soon likely to secure employment  opportunities under TSC.

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