TSC finally reveals what will become of all P1 instructors who received an average KCSE grade of C or higher and a Bachelor’s degree in education

It is the final phase of Kenya’s Teachers Service Commission’s plan to place all primary school teachers who have completed degree programs in Junior schools in the country.

According to the Teachers Employment Body, more teachers are expected to be hired in the coming year than the existing 1,000 who are hired each year.

TSC expects to speed up this process in order to ensure a smooth double transition in 2023, which will necessitate the hiring of additional secondary school teachers.

By September of this year, a total of 1000 p1 instructors had been placed in secondary schools.

It only took a few weeks for these teachers to get settled into their new jobs after submitting their applications electronically to the Commission and having their hard copy letters validated and retained at the counties’ level of authority.

This year’s new teachers will be among the luckiest, because the Ministry of Education previously announced that many primary schools would be converted to Junior Schools in 2023, in accordance with TSC promises from last year.

As part of the new deployment program, deserving primary school teachers will be assigned to the same compound as junior secondary school teachers in anticipation of the January 2023 cbc. Implementation

After the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Examinations are completed in 2023, current Class Six students under the 8-4-4 system will be enrolled in Form One as well (KCPE)

From Grades 7 through 9, pioneer students will attend junior secondary school on the new 2-6-3-3-3 Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) system beginning in 2023, following completion of the Grade 6 national tests.

Many elementary schools have been identified by the Ministry of Education for conversion to junior secondary status, and new classrooms have been built.

Junior Secondary School (JSS) wings would be housed in schools with superior infrastructure.

Mergers between schools with low enrollment and those located near together will be implemented.

While it is still being debated as to whether or not the Teachers Service Commission would loosen its rigorous requirements for P1 instructors currently in practice in order to better serve those teachers,

Secondary school teachers who graduated from diverse institutions do not meet the TSC’s basic KCSE requirements.

TSC now exclusively employs P1 teachers with a Bachelor’s degree in secondary school choices and a minimum grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

To be eligible for a bachelor’s degree in education, teachers must have at least a C+ grade point average in their fields of specialization and complete the required number of teaching hours.

KCSE and C+ in their primary teaching subjects are the minimum grades required for 6,347 primary school teachers, according to commission data as of July 2020.

After completing three years of service, all teachers will be promoted to job grade C3 at a pay of $34,955 per month, as established in the Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) for teachers.

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