TSC Guidelines On Which Graduation Group Is To Be Employed In Various Subject Combinations during The Intern Interviews

Teachers Service Commission is set to employ over 6,000 intern teachers. The commission is then expected to announce vacancies in secondary schools. This will then be following by candidates submitting applications online in various schools before interviews conducted.


The cost of doing this applications is sometimes involving. This ranges from cyber payment to transport cost when traveling to attend the interview. According to TSC statistics, there are over 300,000 jobless trained and registered teachers in the country.


From TSC previous employment case study, presumably this are the groups that stand have high chances in upcoming recruitment using the 2021 TSC score sheet that was provided recently.


Here is the subject combination and the year of graduation likely to be hired in the upcoming internship recruitment


Mathematics/Chemistry – 2018


Mathematics/Biology – 2017


Mathematics/Business Studies- 2016


Mathematics/Physics – 2018


Mathematics/Geography – 2016


Mathematics/Computer – 2019


English/Literature – 2015


Kiswahili/CRE – 2015


Kiswahili/History – 2015


Kiswahili/Geography – 2015


French/Any – 2019


Chemistry/Biology – 2018


Physics/Chemistry – 2020


Biology/Agriculture – 2018


Geography/CRE – 2015


History/CRE – 2015


Geography/History – 2016


Geography/Business studies – 2018


However, geographical factors can play a role to alter this information. In most Kenyan cities and big town there are many unemployed trained teachers as compared to up countries.


Occasionally, here applicants surface with even 3 year of stay after qualification as compared to other normal areas. This is usually witnessed in Nairobi, Mombasa and even Kisumu.


Apart from the provided score sheet, new recruitment guidelines released by TSC indicate that qualified teachers who have masters and those with first class honors will stand high chances of securing TSC intern jobs.


Furthermore, tutors teaching subjects combinations like Physics/Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture and Chemistry/Biology are easily absorbed by TSC since they are few.


The TSC employment exercises are conducted with the highest degree of transparency and accountability as provided by the Public Officers Ethics and TSc code of Conduct and Ethics 2015. The successful applicants are selected based on merits and according to the length of stay since qualification.

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