TSC Has Angered Teachers, See Reason Why

Since the appointment of Dr Nancy Macharia as the executive secretary of the Teachers Service Commission, great transformation has been witnessed in the commission that have the highest work force amongst the government employees. Though Dr Macharia has positively changed the commission, it’s the negative policies that erases the gains she has achieved.
Amongst the government ministries and departments, perhaps it’s only the Teachers Service Commission that has digitized nearly all it’s operations. Indeed, this has enabled the commission to be very effective on service delivery. However ,it’s the zeal to digitize and micromanage the teaching force that has rubbed the teachers on the wrong side. Though teachers’ appreciate the online services , the extent to which they have to comply with the commission’s directives on various digital platforms is becoming cumbersome and a burden. The commission has slowly pulled out the teachers from their core duty of teaching to attend to clerical work on the digital platform. Probably it’s the teachers who have kept most of the Cybers in business because of their numerous trips to seek online services.
The new policy for teachers promotion is the most infamous amongst the teachers. Whereas it was taunted as an effective tool of promoting teachers, it has come out as a monster that entrenches stagnation of teachers in the same job group. This has been worsened by the stringent interview requirements for promotion not to mention that the interviews are conducted after several years.
The Teachers Service Commission is perhaps the only employer in the world that have many job groups that require employees to attend numerous interviews to be promoted. Take for instance a graduate teacher who makes entry at C2, serves for three years and automatically get promoted to C3. Getting out of C3 has been a nightmare and chances of retirement in this job group are high. It’s unimaginable that an employee can serve for thirty years in only two job groups.
Assuming that the teacher is interviewed and get promoted to C4, he still have to attend four more interviews before getting consideration for the principals’ position. In totality the current promotion policy stifle the chances of career progression. If the trend is not corrected the commission will have a demotivated and frustrated work force.

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