TSC Has Revealed The Areas Teachers Will Be Retrained On Both In Junior And Senior Secondary, Check Them Out

Teachers Service Commission, TSC has announced new training areas for teachers. According to the commission, teachers will be retrained in new teaching areas as the competency based curriculum is in full swing.


The Teachers Service Commission has identified specific areas of training for teachers who will be involved in junior and secondary school education.


In an advisory to the state’s Department of Elementary Education and Basic Education on curriculum development, CEO Nancy Macharia said the new content areas will enable learners to make decisions based on their interests, strengths and personalities.


There will be a re-look at how biology and chemistry teachers handle integrated science and health sciences, while physics and maths teachers teach pre-technical and pre-career education.


As per the advisory, geography, history and CRE teachers will be trained on social studies.


Elective subjects will include visual arts (fine arts, photography), performing arts (music, dance), home science, computer science, foreign languages, Kenyan sign language and indigenous languages.

“The commission’s advice on teacher readiness and requirements is intended to facilitate smooth implementation of junior and senior school curriculum delivery,” Macharia said in a July 2021 letter.


Dr. Macharia called for allocating adequate funds to facilitate retraining and training of teachers.


The Kagumo, Kibabi and Lugari Teachers Colleges, TSC suggested, should enroll students to pursue new subjects, while students’ admissions to universities should be informed by new subject areas.

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