TSC Intern Teacher Hiring Continues to cause Uproar among Unemployed teachers as Senate Calls For a crisis meeting with TSC

Senators have shunned the skewed hiring by the teachers service commission and awarding intern teachers marks during mass recruitment. The senators have criticized the move and want the TSC boss on board to explain this ongoing trend.

In January this year, the commission enrolled 6,000 internship teachers. This was meant to address the teacher shortage in schools caused by the 100% transition.

Going by the recently concluded recruitment last month, the intern teachers were awarded 30 marks that gave them an upper hand over other competitors. This exercise saw 8,000 teachers both in primary and secondary secure vacancies in various schools.

While in the senate, senators have have criticized this move by TSC, terming it detrimental as it is disadvantaging thousands of teachers who graduated earlier and have tarmacked for over ten years.

The lawmakers have de3manded the answers from the ministry of education and the leadership of the teachers service commission who would explain the motive behind this this decision.

In the recent past, the TSC has been hiring teachers based on their year of graduation a move that would have seen those who graduated earlier secure jobs, but going by the current move, its the reverse.

“The TSC should through the house Committee of education state the rationale that they used in awarding 30 marks to the teachers on internship,” Bomet Senator Chritopher Langat said.

The commission has scheduled to employ 6,000 intern teachers this month in its second phase of recruitment this year and they will be required to work for one year.

This move of employing teachers is based on the economic stimulus program put forward by the president to cushion unemployed teachers as the covid-19 pandemic cases continues to spike deteriorating the economy.

TSC was allocated sh. 2,4 billion in this year’s budget to employ 12,000 intern teachers. Those who will work in primary will get a monthly stipend of sh. 15,000 and those in high school will receive a monthly stipend of sh. 20,000

Langat who is also a university don said the move by TSC to offer interns marks is disadvantageous to those who graduated earlier and have overstayed and are almost clocking the age of retirement before they get employed.

The legislators want the TSC to table the affirmative action they have put in place to see those who graduated as earlier as 2007 have secured jobs.

The senator has also demanded an explanation from the commission as to why they did not recognize other academic qualifications like social education, diploma in education or degree in education as an added advantage during the just concluded recruitment.

The senator has also demanded that the commission should provide them with a prove of the distribution of teachers in all the 47 counties.

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