TSC Introduces New Digital App In Schools To Curb Teacher Absenteeism

Teacher absenteeism was prevented by the introduction of a mandatory daily lesson attendance register, which the class secretary filled in for each lesson. The forms record the time when teachers enter the classroom for the lesson, and also when they leave at the end of the lesson.

However, the form may be phased out in the near future, as TSC is reportedly planning a new, efficient way of executing its services.

During the report’s press release on the data filled in the Term One assessment, TSC CEO Dr Nancy Macharia highlighted that the data entered by the teachers concerned shows some signs of inconclusive information, and that teachers may Do not reflect the actual way. Discharging their noble duties at the school level.


Dr. Macharia indicated that the work of system upgrade on TSC App is in progress. The new system will add online applications for a number of holidays, such as study leave and maternity leave, to name a few, to avoid paperwork, such as online transfers that have been impacted.

In addition, TSC, through its spokesperson, Ms. Beatrice Wababu, reiterated that the Commission is on the verge of reform and is incorporating other features on the TSC Kenya App that will enhance effective monitoring of teachers on matters relating to reporting on and off duty. can.

This planned system upgrade may include a unique feature where each teacher will log-in on arrival, and also sign-out on departure from duty at an appropriate time. The facility will also enable teachers who may be absent from school, to seek consent from the TSC a day in advance, to refuse duty the next day.


The move was also praised by TSC’s Director-in-Charge of ICT, Mr. Charles Gichira, who said that the need to upgrade the TSC app comes at a time when the Commission is trying to digitize its services, and in the current era Due to ever-increasing technology, each upgrade means improving from the previous system, or adding new features needed for effective service delivery.


Hence, the decision of TSC will enable it to execute its services effectively and efficiently to meet the needs of teachers beyond the grassroots level.

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