TSC Is Planning To Punish 1,500 Teachers That Fall In This Category

Over 1,500 teachers recruited by the government through the Teacher Service Commission are not on the payroll for what has been revealed that they own fake letters of appointment.

The Teacher Service Commission is the only body that has the mandate to employ teachers under permanent and pensionable terms. The commission once it conducts the recruitment process serves all the successful candidates with the letters of appointment to their new stations from which the head of institutions forward a casualty to the commission for the processing of payments.

Investigations have revealed the affected teachers are not on the payroll and hence the time they received their letters of appointment have not received their salaries.

The ongoing investigation undertaken by the teacher’s service commission was started following the complaints that some teachers were not on the payroll since the time of appointment.

In a phone interview, the Teacher Service Commission secretary Zachariah Luhanga confirmed to ZNBC where he reported that the investigation was launched following complaints that some teachers employed by the commission are not on the TSC payroll.

According to Mr Luhanga, the matter has since been reported to the police for a thorough investigation to be conducted in various parts of the country.

He further said that all those with letters of appointment and who are not on the payroll are required to report to the Ministry of Education or the commission for the verification process.

The 1500 teachers are now left in dilemma after they have worked without pay for long. The ongoing investigation is going to determine whether their letters of appointment were given by the Commission the right procedure or not and if found guilty TSC is going to punish them for having acquired appointment letters theough dubious means.

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Some teachers are conned by individuals who give them appointment letters at a fee that may be fake.

If it is determined that their letters are fake the source is not TSC then the 1500 teachers may risk deregistration from the TSC teachers register

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