TSC-Kenya is Rotten. Look at this! (OPINION)

In the past, TSC-Kenya has always been an independent body whose level of integrity has always been high. The employment process has been free and fair with non could ever think of any partiality in the commission. Promotions have always been open to all who have the qualifications. Teacher salaries used to be paid in time. Deductions including NHIF and NSSF have always been something that the commission has been paying for teachers. At the present, the commission is almost rotten and on its dead bed.

To start with, the commission has been issuing employment letters to the public. This does not mean that everybody is getting the letters but it’s for the selected few who have some cash to dish to some officers in the commission. Once one has dished the money to them, they will go ahead and get him/her an employment designated to a specific school of his/her choice. If gender is something to go by, women have been on the forefront with this letters reporting to schools in duos or trios at a time. This has really jeopardized the integrity of the commission something that has made unemployed teachers to lose trust with the commission whenever it comes to employment. My big question is, why is a large percentage of these people women? Its something that needs to be look into with a lot of concern.

On the other part, the employment process has not been fair to all has it has always been. When candidates attend interviews, some who don’t come from that area where the school is are given a cold reception by the panelists and at some point they are even fled by the community something that the commission has never dealt with for some time now. At some point the commission has seemed to be reluctant or other they may be having a hand in the acts which can be perceived to be the reason why the commission has never taken any action against this barbaric act.

In terms of promotions, the commission has tightened the nut to the point that some of those who have qualifications of serving as headteachers and deputy headteachers are not getting promotions. With the current guidelines that one must be a holder of a Master’s Degree for him/her to be promoted as a deputy or headteacher, it has barred so many people from ascending into those top positions. This is a criteria that the commission has used to save on cash that would have been paid to those teachers getting promotions. Also the commission is taking too long to advertise for promotion interviews something that has seen many people retire in job group M.

Similarly, the commission has directed that the NHIF and NSSF money should be deducted from the teacher’s salary. For a long time, the commission has paying money for teachers to the pension scheme and to the medical scheme. We don’t now understand how the commission has arrived at and what has changed to the point that the commission wants teachers to pay for themselves in these schemes. This has shown the leadership and tenure of TSC top officials to be another level of impunity. This is something that the teachers should fight strongly through their commission like KUPPET and KNUT to stop this barbaric act from the commission.

From what we have observed of late how the commission is executing its duties and treating teachers, its not a welcoming move and something needs to be done in order to stop this uncouth behavior from the commission.

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