TSC Move To Retain Retiring Principals Has Disadvantaged Deputy Heads And Senior Teachers

The Teachers Service Commission’s ( TSC ) move to retain retiring principals by extending their term of service in schools have left deputy heads and senior teachers in a rude shock.

This means that those deputy heads and senior teachers who were nearing this position and have been waiting anxiously will have to wait for long before they ascend to this position. For those who are nearing retirement and are holding senior and deputy positions in schools and were waiting for this position will now have to forfeit this position and wait for their retirement.

The term extension will not affect only one set of heads, but it has been spread across on primary heads, high school principals and principals of colleges.

This offer has been received with excitement by teachers manning National schools and extra county schools. Those in county schools have indicated that they are contented with the term they have served and are ready for retirement once their time comes.

This offer of extending their contract is purely optional and for those not willing to extend their term will retire normally but for those who would wish to extend their term are required to express their interest in writing expressed to the teachers service commission CEO through the offices of Regional Directors.

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