TSC New T-pay Guidelines For Users And Third Parties, Payslips

The teachers service commission, TSC, has released new guidelines concerning T-pay and check off services. These new guidelines will apply to all TSC employees, unions, saccos, banks and other third-party institutions.

Some of the guidelines are listed below.

15.Renewal of Admission to The Check-Off Facility

15.1 An existing Third Party shall every five (5) years after admission into the system seek renewal of admission from the Commission to continue accessing the check-off facility.

15.2 The Third Party shall follow the application procedure for Authorization of check-off facility as outlined in clause (14) of these Guidelines/ Regulations.

15.3 The Applicant shall pay a renewal fee at the rate determined by the Commission from time to time.

15.4 Failure to apply for re-admission within 3 months prior to the expiry of the subsisting access to check off facility. will result into the Commission barring the Third Party from submitting any fresh deduction requests, provided that the existing deductions shall continue to subsist to full term, thereafter the Third Party shall stand deactivated from the TSC check-off facility through the T-Pay application.

15.5 Upon approval of the new guidelines all the existing Third Party firms are expected to apply for renewal of admission within thirty (30) days, failure to which they will be barred from undertaking any transactions with the Commission as outlined in subsection 15.4 above.

15.6 The Commission shall reserve the right to re-admit a Third Party into the Check off facility.

16. Service charge

16.1 A third party shall pay a service charge for processing of deductions, data, information, reports, and /or any other service provided by the Commission;

16.2 The Third party shall fully absorb the service charge cost without passing it to the employee;

16.3 The applicable rates for service charge shall be as indicated under the schedule 3 and shall take effect from the date of these guidelines;

16.4 Service charge shall be reduced from the remittances of the third party at the end of every month;

16.5 These rates shall be determined by the Commission from time to time.

17. Termination of the check-off facility

17.1 Check-off facility shall be terminated by the Commission in any of the following circumstances: –

17.1.1 Failure by the third party to comply with the statutory provisions as well as any Government Regulations and rules relating to third party deductions.

17.1.2 In the event that any applicable rules and regulations makes a deduction illegal or not permissible from an employee’s salary.

17 .1.3 In the event the third party becomes bankrupt or is de-registered under the law.

17.1.4 If the third party engages in any practice deemed by the Commission to be fraudulent or illegal on the part of the third party.

17.1.5 For purposes of this section, the Commission shall give or issue fourteen (14) days notice of its intention to terminate the relationship with the third party.

17.1.6 In the event a third party is refused, barred, suspended or terminated from the use of the check-off facility by the Commission, the third party may appeal in writing, to the Commission for a review of the decision within twenty-one (21) days.


19.1 All third parties and employees shall be subject to these Guidelines and any other regulations which may be developed from time to time in respect of the check-off facility through the T-Pay application.

192 Failure by any party to ensure integrity and accuracy of data provided for purposes of the check-off services will be subjected to sanctions stipulated in these regulations.

19.3 An employee who engages or encourages or perpetuates any fraudulent practices in respect of the check off facility shall be subject to the disciplinary proceedings as per existing regulations;

19.4 In the event that an existing Third Party fails to meet the requirements as stipulated in these Guidelines,such a Third Party shall be barred from submitting any fresh deduction requests, provided that the existing deductions shall continue to subsist to full term,thereafter the Third Party shall stand deactivated from the TSC check-off facility through the T-Pay application.

19.5 Offences with regard to Third Party deductions shall include offences prescribed in the first schedule or any other relevant laws.

19.6 The Commission,upon establishing a breach of these regulations, may take any or a combination of the following sanctions against the defaulting party: -19.6.1 Warning in writing.

19.6.2 Instituting disciplinary process on the employee.

19.6.3 Suspension of the Third Party from the use of the Check-off Facility through the T-Pay application.

19.6.4 Barring the Third party from using the Check-off Facility through the T-Pay application. Offences And Acts Of Misconduct.

For the purpose of these regulations, the following will constitute offences and acts of misconduct in the management of the Check-off Facility.

1. a) Submission through T-Pay of inaccurate or misleading data by the Third party.

2. b) Submission of forged documents by the 3rd party and the employee to access check -off services.

3. c) Violation of the one third (1 /3) statutory requirement by the employee.

4. d) Failure on the part of the 3rd party to stop deduction in respect of a discharged liability within the stipulated time.

5. e) Failure on the part of the 3rd party to notify a guarantor in writing of intention to recover the defaulted loan/credit facility.

6. f) Willingly or knowingly failing on the part of the employee to meet obligations in respect to un-discharged liabilities.

7. g) Any act of omission on the part of the 3rd party or employee, which in the opinion of the Commission contravenes these guidelines of any other written law.

8. h) Unauthorized access to an

1) Unauthorized access to the T Pay system,

18. Contact Persons

18.1 A third party shall designate contact person(s) to manage check-off facility matters as shal I be provided for in the application form.

18.2 The Commission shall designate officer(s) to manage the third party matters relating to the check-off facility. All correspondence on matters relating to third party deductions shall be addressed to the Secretary/Chief Executive.

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