TSC Officially Rolls Out The TPD Program After Labor Court Dismissed The Petition

Justice David Nederitu of the Employment and Labor Court yesterday dismissed a petition to stop the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) program filed in the High Court by Mr. Joseph Karanja, an education consultant.

According to Karanja, teachers and other stakeholders were not involved in the development of the content of the module as provided for under Article 232 of the Kenyan Constitution.

The judge ruled that due to the weight of the orders sought and its implications, Mr. Karanja must serve the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) and the other defendants in the hearing.

As per Justice Naderitu’s decision, the TPD program launched by the TSC on 22 September 2021 will now take effect as planned.

Compulsory training is to be carried out at four major institutions, Kenyatta University, Mount Kenya University, Riyara University and Kenya Institute of Education Management, which are now open and ready to accept teachers.

The objective of the program is to promote the skills of teachers in both primary and secondary schools, who are undergoing in-service training at the mentioned institutions before the renewal of their teaching licenses every five years.

Completion of a set of modules will determine the teacher’s chances of promotion as prescribed in regulation 48 of the TSC Regulations 2015.

Teachers will have to pay Mr. 6000 annually during training consisting of 6 modules to be completed in 30 years.

The event will include 22,2000 primary school teachers, 90,000 secondary school teachers, 22,224 instructional leaders in primary schools and 8,000 instructional leaders in secondary schools.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia said the program plans to professionalize the teaching fraternity to match other careers.

According to the TSC, the four institutes have been contracted on an annual agreement, though they can expand, and program based on prescribed modules to facilitate training, evaluate teachers, issue completion certificates and collect related data. can play a role in maintaining for TDP project

Speaking during the rollout of the programme, MKU Vice Chancellor Prof Devgratius Jagani said that MKU has adequate infrastructure network, modern reliable technology and human resource capacity for successful implementation of the programme.

He further acknowledged the efforts of TSC to engage professionally with the stakeholders in the process of advertisement for offering TPD, smooth evaluation as well as smooth implementation phase.

“We have spread our network across the country through a strong physical presence on campus, Open, Distance and Electronic Learning (ODEL) centers and strategic partnerships with key stakeholders. All these will contribute to the effective implementation of the program in all 290 sub-counties in Kenya,” Jagani said.

Jagani further added that the training would provide quality teachers in the country which would enable the efficiency of CBC rollout.

He added that professional teachers will improve learning outcomes in Kenyan schools and ultimately lead to the achievement of SDGs 2030, Kenya Vision 2030 and African Union Agenda 2063.

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