TSC officials set to visit schools this week to monitor TPAD Implementation progress

Top level officials of Teachers Service Commission, TSC are set to visit the schools to oversee the implementation of the new evaluation system. It is expected that schools have started implementing the new Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development, TPAD 2 and Performance Contracts for Heads and Principals, PC.

“TSC commissioner will visit next week 24-28 February 2020 (this week) to oversee TPAD/PC implementation in schools, please ensure that all teachers in your school prepare, use, update and maintain all professional documents Is. Teacher check list,” reads a memo sent to the principal.

“As head of the institution, check that all documents to be endorsed on a weekly basis are complied with. Also prepare your documents as per the institution’s head check list,” adds the memo.

As per the TSC Teachers 2020 TPAD/PC Calendar, by now the performance contract documents should be downloaded from the TSC website.
Other tasks that must be completed include: setting goals, signing performance agreement forms (by heads and principals) and creating new TPAD2 accounts. Weekly text attendance reports are also recorded online, among other periodically executable tasks.

School heads also have to display the results of TPAD cycle activities and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) for at least five years. Also the lesson overview schedule and KCSE 2020 goals are to be displayed on the school noticeboard.

The clock in/out register for teachers should be up to date. This register shows the daily reporting and departure times for all teachers. Other records to be in order include: school log book, lesson attendance summary, 2020 TPAD goal setting meeting minutes and staff/student registers.

The Commission this year introduced the new system to address the shortcomings experienced with the old TPAD system. The new system is more elaborate and advanced.

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