TSC Recruitment: Intern Teachers Dealt A Blow, DPTE Graduates Get Rewarded

The final and most recent score sheet for the recruitment of post-primary teachers in 2022 has been made public by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). The recruitment score sheet, which teachersupdates.co.ke has access to, states that intern applicants won’t receive standardized evaluations.

The previous system awarded a whopping 30 points to any teacher who could provide documentation of an internship. They had a benefit over the other candidates because of this.

Unexpectedly, the only teachers who will receive 15 points are those who have worked for three years. Two-year and one-year interns will gain 10 and 5 points, respectively, for their service.

Teachers who have earned a CBC upgrading certificate, however, will be given preference at the forthcoming TSC July recruiting.

Primary school teachers must declare whether they have a CBC Upgrade Certificate when applying for the offered posts.

The advantage for the Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (CBC Upgrade) is 10 points.

Additionally, the applicant must affirm that all of the information on the application is accurate.

“I hereby confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, the information in this application is truthful. The instruction in the tsc portal stated, “I am also aware that any inaccurate information would result in instant disqualification/disciplinary action without further reference to me by the Teachers Service Commission.

Sub-County Primary School Selection Panel (5 Members)

The following people will make up the selection panel:

I The Director-Chairperson of the Sub-County (1)

ii) TSC Sub County Secretary Human Resource Officer (2)

Zoned Curriculum Support Officers (iii) (3)

The TSC Sub-County Director MUST make sure that the panelists and the applicants always follow the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 containment measures or any other pandemic that the Ministry of Health may advise.

PANEL FOR SELECTION FOR Post-Secondary Institutions with BOMs (TOTAL 5)

(a) The Chairperson of the Board of Management.

(b) Secretary serves as the institution’s head.

(c) Member Subject Expert

(d) Chairperson of the Parent Association (PA) – Member

(f) Member TSC County Director/Representative

BOM-FREE Post-Secondary School Selection Panel

(a) Chairperson of TSC County Director/Representative

(b) Secretary serves as the institution’s head.

(c) Member Subject Expert

(d) Member and PA Chairperson

(e) Member of PA TOTAL 5 (NB):

The COVID-19 containment measures specified by the Ministry of Health or any other pandemic that may be recommended from time to time by the Ministry of Health must be adhered to during the interview by the Selection Panel, and the TSC Sub-County Director must make sure that this is the case.

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