TSC Requirements For Promotion of P1 Teachers to Secondary Schools 2021

The Teachers Service Commission will deploy 1,000 primary P1 primary teachers in secondary schools along with July teacher recruitment. It aims at bridging the teacher shortage being experienced in secondary schools.


Teachers have been agitating for better wages for a long time. It has always seen that most of them take huge loans from banks and saccos for their studies in universities.

Low-paid primary school teachers have always shown this determination to achieve higher educational qualifications. Its aim is always to get them a better salary.

Fortunately, TSC has stepped up its efforts to reward these teachers with higher educational qualifications. Today teachers are promoted on the basis of their paper. The commission lays emphasis on those with degrees.


To qualify he must meet the following requirements.

To apply for the promotion one must hold a diploma or degree from any recognized higher educational institution and must be an active teacher in a primary school. Interested candidates should apply to TSC County Director and submit all relevant academic and professional documents. Successful candidates are posted to serve in any part of the country.


Other requirements include;

1. You must be a Kenyan citizen


2. You must be 45 years of age and below


3. You must be registered as a teacher as per Section 23 of the Teachers Service Commission Act 2012. For registration without registration certificate copy of payment receipt of online application / printout of payment receipt must be attached.


4. You must have original professional and academic certificates

Primary teachers are usually employed through selection. The following original documents must be carried to the Sub-County Selection Panel during the day of selection;


1. National Identity Card.

2. CPE/KCPE certificate (including first attempt certificate if a one time test).

3. PTE Certificate.

4. School/college leaving certificate.

Candidates without academic and professional certificates must show proof of applying for confirmation from KNEC and it is the owner of the concerned teacher who follows up with KNEC within 14 days.


Required documents and selection panel


The Sub County Selection Panel will consist of the following;

1. Deputy County Director – President

2. TSC Deputy County Human Resource Officer – Secretary

3. All Zonal Curriculum Support Officers – Members

4. TSC Requirement for Secondary School Teacher

Secondary school teacher can be either a graduate or a diploma holder

Graduate teacher

1. Minimum mean grade of C+ in KCSE and minimum mean grade of C+ in each of the two teaching subjects or minimum 2 theory and 1 assistant pass at ‘A’ level.

2. Bachelor of Education Degree with 2 Teaching Subjects

3. Bachelor of Science with Education OR Arts Degree with Education with Two Teaching Subjects


Diploma teacher

1. Diploma in Education from a recognized Teachers Training Institute

2. Minimum grade of C+ in KCSE and at least C+ or credit pass in two teaching subjects or minimum 1 theory and 2 subsidiaries at A-level.

3. Diploma teachers who graduated in 2008 or earlier with a mean grade of Sea Plain and a subject grade of Sea Plain qualify for consideration.


TSC Requirements for Technical Teachers

1. Applicants must have a minimum mean grade of C+ in KCSE or at least 1 theory and 2 subsidiaries at A-level.

2. Bachelor of Education Technology Degree (Bed Tech) OR

3. Bachelor of Science in any relevant technical subject/course

4. Higher Diploma in Technical Courses

Diploma in Technical Course

Must have Diploma from Kenya Technical Teachers College or Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PDGE) from a recognized University.

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