TSC Sends A Strong Warning To All Classroom Teachers.

The Teachers Service Commission  has  again decided to revisit the  issue of poor performance in schools. In this move, the primary school head teachers have been asked to explain the poor performance of pupils in their schools based on the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results that were released this year.

Furthermore the commission is demanding for explanations on strategies adopted by the classroom teachers to improve performance in their respective subjects of specialization. This comes as a result of poor results in posted in national exams, failure of which will attract punishment of these teachers.

The commission also wants to have these teachers explain why they should not be punished for such poor performances.

In this year 2020/2021, the  number of candidates who scored over 400 marks in the  KCPE dropped to 8091 from 9673 pupils in 2019 .The students had a  subdued performance in science and languages.

At the same time, the commission has once more a warning to school heads who have not adjusted the fees structure. The chairperson Kenya Secondary School Heads Association Mr Kahi Indimuli distanced himself from the issue saying it is a personal responsibility for the principals. He further added that those principals who are flouting government directives will carry their own cross because this was communicated to them and they should have made necessary adjustments immediately.

The Education ministry  also ordered county directors to report schools that are charging illegal fees with immediate effect. It should be remembered that school fees guidelines  were revised on 16th June 2021 by the Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha  revised fees and issued to schools.

some teachers have been punished by the commission due to reasons such as having canal knowledge of the learners, foregoing their duties getting involved in financial impropriety among others.

Disciplinary process for teachers in many occasions starts with a show cause- letter whereby a teacher is supposed to respond appropriately within a specified period of time.

The commission has hove faced some criticism upon coming up with this move to punish teachers.

Among the reasons that have emerged from teachers over the same issue include:

  1. A good number of schools are poorly resourced. Teachers say that this has an implication on perfomance because if learners don’t have enough books and other learning materials it means that  teachers have little to do.

Teachers have also added that  it is difficult to measure productivity of a teacher using exams which are done by a third party.
2. Teachers also say that most of these learners have other external influences like teenage pregnancy which greatly affects results.

Others also reported that the  playfield is not smooth since  some schools admit learners with high entry behavior as others receive a caliber of learners  that is not that much good.

The teachers have reacted by saying that if learners fail exams because the teachers didn’t cover the syllabus due to absenteeism then teachers have cases to answer. They have added that if this is not so, then it will be totally unfair for TSC to punish teachers for the failure of learners to grasp content.

With the introduction of TPAD, this trend will  see many teachers stagnate in job groups as they don’t have results to table before TSC panels during interviews.

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