TSC Sets Qualifications Teachers Must Meet Before Seeking Promotions

Unlike earlier where promotion was based on teaching experience and how your students are performing TSC has changed the promotion guidelines to suit the new syllabus.

In the past teachers who recorded high performance in their teaching subjects were promoted to another job group with higher pay or promoted to headmasters or headmasters.

In addition, teachers who have taught over time were promoted as school heads, but after the implementation of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

Following are the new guidelines:-

1. You must be a CBC competent teacher who has received all the training recommended by TSC.

2. You must have successfully done refresher course which will be started soon by TSC which aims at improving the professionalism level of teachers.

How are teachers promoted by TSC?

The promotion of teachers by TSC is based on the existing schemes of the service i.e. TSC Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) and/or Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA).

In promoting a teacher, the Commission will consider the assessment reports (Teacher Performance and Evaluation Development TPAD) submitted from time to time.

Teachers are promoted in three different ways:

1. Promotion on General Cadre Establishment

2. Promotion through Teacher Proficiency Course (TPC)

3. Promotion through competitive selection

Why TSC may fail to promote teacher

The Commission may refuse to consider a teacher for promotion if the teacher has not completed:

Two (2) years from the date of his conviction after disciplinary action; Or

One (1) year from the date of issue with administrative warning.

If you are found guilty of violation of TSC rules and regulations you will never be promoted as per current changes so teachers are encouraged to conduct their profession with discipline and good conduct.

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