TSC Shocking Details About The Application Introduced To Curb Absenteeism

The TSC has been trying to get back to the right track ever since the teachers were on striking spree every now and then.

There has been commendable adjustments within and without, both on tangible and intangible issues, and even the newly updated TSC App has been integrated with iconic graphics, with some imperative designs that could make work easier in terms of dealing with teachers conduct and professionalism.(Only the trusted administrator shall access the password for the added features).

Among the new features is the inclusion of the Suspension/Demotion tag. According to reports from the commission, dealing with individual teacher in issuing judgements has been time consuming. Therefore, the option will enable the commission to easily issue a verdict to the teachers under scrutiny for any cross misconduct, either by suspending or demoting them in just a click of a button.


Moreso, the other feature on the app, the Deletion/Deregistration icon, will enable the commission to delete or deregister the tutors whose information is rendered false or inapplicable.

According to the TSC Director in charge of Legal, Labour and Industrial Relations, Mr Timon Oyucho, some of the files whose teachers are suspected to be involved in a crime just disappear mysteriously, and therefore making the case to lack evidence.

He also decried that, ones the case would be determined, the process of deleting or deregistering any TSC employee will be done on the App immediately.

The Camera feature was included after it came to the awareness of the commission that instead of dealing with big files, which is always tiresome, the hearings of suspected teachers shall sometimes be done online. Mr Oyucho reiterated that there is no need for the teacher to visit the headquarters to hear the fete of their case. On the same note, if found guilty, the teacher involved will get dismissed from service through the app. The option not only applies to teachers alone, but also the TSC staff and secretariat that will be involved in any offence.

The Director for Information and Communication Technology, Mr Charles Gichira, supported the TSC’s move, and even said that the additional icons on the app are just in conjunction with the ever growing commission’s online services, claiming that the TSC is currently a digital organisation and therefore needs to do things in a new digital manner.

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