TSC Teachers Are Staring At Missing Their August Salary

More than 200,000 teachers are at risk of missing out on their August 2021 salaries after failing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has since issued a seven-day ultimatum to teachers across the country to either take the full dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine or face disciplinary action.

The directive is in line with an order issued by Public Service Chief Joseph Kinua, requiring all civil servants in the country to take two full doses of the vaccine.

TSC boss Nancy Macharia revealed that only 110,342 teachers have received a full dose of the vaccine since the process began. This number is less than the commission’s target of 330,671.

The commission announced that 178,734 tutors had taken only one dose of the jab. Makhriya directed that the remaining teachers should get jobs in seven days from today, August 17.

She said the figures were worrying and not impressive. TSC boss expressed displeasure over teachers skipping vaccination after being identified as frontline workers by the government.

On August 17, People Daily quoted an insider from the teachers’ employer as saying that TSC would unveil drastic measures to ensure 100% immunization of teachers.

The source said, “What TSC is doing is to enforce the KINUYA directive among teachers, failing which the next pay will be withheld for those who would not have withheld on the expiry of the seven days notice. ” Saying as publication.

Last week, Kinua directed all civil servants in the country to take the vaccine within two weeks or risk serious disciplinary action.

He accused a section of servants of skipping vaccinations so that they could stay at home. This, he said, is affecting service delivery in various government offices.

And the commission has termed those who will not have received the jab at the elapse of the set deadline, will be termed as indisciplined and stringent action shall be taken against him/her

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