TSC to Deploy 1,000 P1 Primary Teachers to Secondary Schools

The teacher training commission will send 1,000 primary school teachers to high schools and teacher recruitment in July. This is aimed at reducing the shortage of teachers available in high schools.

Teachers have been aiming for better salaries for a long time, and it has always been seen that most of them take out large loans from banks and Saccos to finance their studies at universities.

Low-paid elementary school teachers are always showing interest in getting a higher education degree. This always aims to earn them a better salary.
Fortunately the TSC has stepped up its efforts to reward these teachers with higher education degrees. Today teachers are promoted in their subjects.The commission puts pressure on graduates.
On the other hand, there are P1 teachers who had C + grades and did BEd courses in the second round of universities. These teachers are currently being sent to high schools. In the first phase of the distribution, the Commission revealed that over 6000 qualified teachers in its data bank.
There are a lot of forgotten teachers who are also in the same category as C + and are doing a Diploma in Secondary Option.
2023 will be a busy year for Government. There is not enough infrastructure and teachers to accommodate thousands of students under this upcoming double change.

Because there will not be two classrooms in primary schools which is the seventh and eighth grade the number of primary school teachers will be automatically maintained. The TSC should also arrange for Diploma holders with teaching qualifications in high schools as it does for graduates.
On the other hand, it would be cheaper to invest than to hire new teachers at this time of crisis as it plans to find a lasting solution. In addition, those teachers will not feel neglected after trying to obtain high school diplomas.

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