TSC TPAD Calendar; Activities for week 1&2

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in the last month listed 2,349 primary school teachers and 827 high school teachers for not filling out their Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) tool before deadline day.
According to the Commission, the teachers committed varied offenses leading to their listing.

TSC revealed that the tutors were having either a TPAD awaiting submission or appraisal or countersigning from the school head or that the TPAD was not complete.

After the listing, thousands of show cause letters were issued to teachers over the offenses related to TPAD.

In the last term, teachers were given until the 6th of April to fill TPAD.

This simply means that teachers should ensure they fill the TPAD on time and stick to the TPAD calendar of activities to avoid a last-minute rush.

Teachers should plan meetings before as per the TPAD calendar of activities to avoid rushing in the last days.

The meeting should be held during the last week of the school holiday and all teachers should attend including the head of the school.

School heads should ensure that teachers should provide their professional documents in the first week after schools open for approval to be done.

Starting from the second week, teachers who include both appraisees and appraisers should start undertaking lesson observations and identifying and documenting teacher’s professional gaps. This shall happen throughout the tenth week.

Teachers should also activate their TPAD account for the third term on time after opening for easy access.

TPAD Calendar of Activities at the Institution Level
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TPAD Activity

Action By

Time Frame


Planning meetings before school opening involving all staff to set school TPAD Activity calendar

Heads of Institutions, Senior Management Team, Teachers

By last week of the school holiday.


Submission of professional documents

Head of institution All Teachers

By the end of the first week of the term


Undertaking lesson observations and identifying and documenting teacher’s professional gaps

Appraisees and appraisers

Between 2nd week ad 10th


Undertaking teacher professional development to address professional gaps

Appraises, appraisers, institutional administrators

Throughout the term; from 1st week to the last week of the term


Internal Monitoring & Evaluation of the implementation of TPAD process.

Heads of institution, Deputy Head of Institution, Heads of Department

Continuous throughout the term


Monitoring the implementation of TPAD Process at county level; zonal, sub county & county

Curriculum Support Officers, Sub County Directors and County Directors

Throughout the term; from 1st week to the last week of the term


TPAD rating meetings

Appraise (teachers) and appraiser (HODs, deputy heads, Heads of Institution, CSOs, SCD)

By the closing date of term


Uploading of TPAD data and evidence.

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