TSC Warned Over Partial Treatment of Teachers During Hiring

With reference to internship program that was put forward by the president of the state of Kenya in December 2019 as part of the economic stimulus package in response to covid-19 following an uproar of unemployed teachers, it has been observed that this program has been hijacked by the cartels and teachers are now being treated unfairly when it comes to employment.

Many teachers who deserve to be given the job in a given school is not granted the opportunity as teachers in those schools collude with the county directors to employ their favorite person who does not merit in the interview. This has seen many teachers who graduated earlier miss on this opportunities but those who have graduated recently counter them in an unfair manner.

The TSC boss Nancy Macharia in December 2020 told the MPs that the program was for a short time that was required to solve the staffing crisis in schools.

On the same note, it was noted that the scheme was brought forward due to a large number of teachers who are trained and qualified but have never had a chance to work with the commission despite having overstayed out for long since graduation.

In this scheme that was meant to help the unemployed teachers earn a living was allocated meagre stipends that were subject to statutory deductions leaving teachers with an empty pay slip. They awarded them Ksh. 15,000 in 2020 but earlier this year the commission changed the twist and increased the stipends to Ksh. 20,000 following an uproar from the public and other sectors of the economy.

After one year of working and completing the contract, the teachers were supposed to be recognized by the internship certificate of which they have never received.

Since the advent of these program, qualified teachers have been discriminated  during the interview process.

Following the recently concluded recruitment of 7,000 teachers in both primary and secondary schools, it was evident that the interns irrespective of their year of graduation, were coveted with a major head start of 30 marks ahead of their counterparts who graduated earlier and had no chance to enter into the internship program.

The human rights activist has ordered the teachers service commission to accord teachers same opportunities during interviews to enable them compete fairly and favorably since these teachers not in the internship program have also wished to be part of these internship program but have no opportunity.

Some of these teachers have been traumatized as the have worked under Boards of Management and private schools for long under deplorable conditions. This has led to depressions among them to an extent some are even killing themselves because of stress.

Therefore, TSC should provide a fair ground for all the applicants to enable them compete fairly because that is the only right thing to do since it is the only natural and fair way of hiring teachers.

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