TSC Warns Teachers Against TPAD Non-compliance Ahead Of Deadline, This Is The Action TSC will Take

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has warned that strict action will be taken against teachers/staff who do not follow Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) guidelines by 1 October 2021.


“TPAD Online System was opened on 26/7/2021, which ends on 1st October 2021 at the beginning of the period. This memo is to remind you to alert all the teachers under you to ensure that That they have been evaluated and countersigned by the concerned authorities.



“Note that strict action will be taken against those employees who cause non-compliance on their part.” Read part of the Memorandum from TSC County Directors to Deputy County Directors.




The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in May enlisted 2,349 elementary school teachers and an additional 827 high school teachers for failing to complete their teacher performance assessment and development program on time.


TSC said teachers had either an incomplete TPAD or an awaited presentation or evaluation, or a T program signed by the school head. After the listing, thousands of show cause letters have been issued to teachers regarding TPAD offences.


Teachers had until 6 April 2021 to ensure that they were fully assessed and ratings submitted online. TSC formally stopped submitting Term 2 TPAD on 6 April. But to stay safe, TSC says all teachers should and should follow the TPAD schedule of activities to avoid last-minute rush.


The Performance Contract for Heads of Schools is available on the TSC website. The heads of an institution are expected to follow the PC calendar of activities. The PC must be downloaded and properly signed as required.




Once this is accomplished, the head of an organization is obliged to develop an operational action plan that can be created on the TPAD online system.


The TPAD online system provides for lesson overview that must be done at least once. A list of schools missing from the TPAD system in the respective counties should be submitted to the Commission.


All teachers should be mapped to their respective schools, regions, sub-counties and counties respectively. These powers are delegated to the County Director and County ICT Officers.


Canceled when there is discrepancy in the allotted marks and when there is suspicion of collusion between the valuer and the valuer and only countersigned by the officer.




There have been cases where teachers have complained about their evaluation being cancelled. Therefore this work should always be done with utmost care and fairness.


The Kenya National Union of Teachers (NOT) alleges that the assessment tools prescribed by the commission are highly discouraging teachers, reduce teacher-child interaction time and are also costly.


“The assessment program is too costly for teachers, as they spend a lot of time in cyber cafes trying to handle it. In some cases, the program has pitted teachers against heads of institutions and county directors against heads of institutions. , ” argues Nutt.


The launch of the TPD module by TSC on Wednesday sparked a debate, with most teachers opposing the plan. The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers has indicated through letters that teachers have rejected the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) module.

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