TSC’s Latest Message for All teachers that They should Take Seriously

The teacher services commission was introduced through parliamentary action to bring about changes in the education sector. Equally the commission also has the task of hiring teachers across the country in strict adherence to gender balance and equality. In the past, the government has been negotiating with the Salaries and Remuneration Commission to ensure that educators receive the minimum wage in terms of grant money and basic salaries in the 2021-2025 collective bargaining agreement.
In an effort to save the education sector, the commission today sent a message through their official tweeter page to teachers across the country and should be given more attention. In the message, teachers were asked to check their email address for verification and communication procedures. According to one note, the TSC advised employees to use the graceful time they have been given to do the job.

The TSC is known for punishing teachers who often disobey their demands. It is always done to follow instructions and to help you avoid being on the wrong side. disciplinary actions remain inappropriate as some may result in the suspension or termination of services.

Tweet From TSC Page

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