TSC’s Stringent Measures Has Crippled Education Sector, Stakeholders Confirm As Many Teachers Calls For Early Retirement

A whopping number of teacher exit services leading to a crisis of teachers in the country amid a serious deficit.

Teacher Service Commission CEO Dr Nancy Macharia has reported that thousands of teachers exit service annually.

According to Dr Macharia, statistics indicates that between 8000 teachers and 10000 teachers exit service annually leading to a perpetual crisis of teachers in the country. The number of teachers existing service in the last 5 years is a matter of concern, especially in the education sector.

Dr Nancy Macharia noted that the whopping number of teachers exiting service every year is more than what the government can replace annually.

The means that the education sector is in limbo because the country’s dream to improve the ratio of teachers to learners remain a mirage as the staffing gaps in public schools persist and more teacher crisis is expected with the introduction of mandatory teacher professional development (TPD) modules.

The education sector in the country will continue to have a crisis of teachers shortage. This is a major setback in the education sector especially to the implementation of the CBC which requires a small number of students in classes for effective content delivery.

Teacher shortage in schools across the country has negatively impacted the government’s 100 per cent transition policy from primary schools to secondary schools.

Teacher Service Commission statistics indicate that currently there is a shortage of over 27000 teachers in secondary schools across the country.

Dr Macharia has clearly stated that the commission has been experiencing challenges in distributing 5000 vacancies the commission is given to employ every year when there is a shortage of over 100,000.

The TSC CEO further said that Kakamega and Bungoma Counties record the highest teacher shortage.

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