Tutors Of Tertiary Institutions To Be Vaccinated As State Sets The Deadline, Disciplinary action on Those who will defy the Directive

The directive from the ministry of education has sent the information to the tutors who are teaching in all tertiary institutions including National polytechnics, institutes of science and technology and Technical and vocational colleges to take the COVID-19 vaccine before the deadline elapses on 23rd August, 2021.

The ministry stated categorically that tutors who would not have been vaccinated once the deadline elapses, will face disciplinary action.

As a proof of vaccination, teachers will be required to submit a copy of the vacccination certificate to his/ her institution before being accepted into the institution.

” This is therefore to direct that all employees in your institution be encouraged to be vaccinated by 23rd, August, 2021 and submit a proof of vaccination to the respective institutions by 24th, August, 2021,” read the circular seen by news yetu addressed to principals of colleges.

The college principals have been directed to make sure that this directive is implemented fully.

In regard to the increase in covid-19 cases in the country, Kenya received recently about 180,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine in order to facilitate the ongoing vaccination exercise.

Going by the latest consignment of 180,000 vaccines which was a donation from the greek government, Kenya has now received a sum of 2,323,100 vaccines.

Dr. Willis Akhwala, who happens to be the chair of the National Taskforce on Vaccine Deployment while at JKIA said that the donation will boost the ongoing vaccination exercise.

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