Uhuru Lifts Lockdown in Nairobi & 4 Other Counties

President Uhuru Kenyatta has lifted travel and travel restrictions on Nairobi and four other counties following the drop in COVID-19 cases,
Speaking at the State House on Saturday in celebration of Labor Day, the Head of State said the closure, which affected Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos, Kajiado, and Naakuru, had led to a 74% reduction in illnesses.
“When I issued the second Public Order for 2021 in March, announcing the steps to be taken, our COVID-19 cases in Nairobi were 56,815. “Uhuru’s case has now dropped to less than 15,000 in April, meaning a 74% reduction,” Uhuru said.
President Kenyatta also announced a review of clock hours in the area enclosed in Public Order No. 3 of 2021, saying the curfew would begin at 10am. until 4 a.m., effective midnight on May 1st.
“That the clock hours in the Zoned Area be reviewed to start at 10:00 pm and end at 4:00 am, from midnight on May 1, 2021, until further notice,” Uhuru said.
The ban on personal and congregational worship has also been lifted; places of worship have been directed to follow the guidelines of the Department of Health while maintaining one-third of the various sessions.

Restaurants and bars are also permitted to reopen in accordance with the Department of Health’s COVID-19 regulations.
“That the operation of restaurants and restaurants in the Zoned Area will be restarted in accordance with guidelines issued jointly by the Department of Health and the Department of Tourism and Wildlife. Restaurants are encouraged to use outdoor areas to increase the physical and social distance, ”he added.

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