Unemployed DTE, BED And P1 Holders Will Secure Employment

According to experts the unemployed primary school teachers, Diploma in Teacher Education and Bachelor in Education holders will be employed by the government giving hope even to those currently pursuing this courses. Teachers in these categories are worried about the government move if the TSC proposals are accepted and implemented.

The proposal made is to adopt BSC/ BA,PGDE and Diploma in primary teacher education and according to experts claims, the commission will have a well planned process of which its proposal can’t pick instantly and the targeted teachers must undergo a series of training before appearing for interviews.

One of the expert argues by saying, ” The interviews will even be organized to cater for all and not just the PGDE holders.”

From 7-4-2-3 to 8-4-4 transition,the same changes occurred and no qualified Kenyan was left behind.

They urged that: No P1 trained teacher will be left behind during Employment,DTE or those still in school pursuing the same will not be left out.For those already acquired a degree in BED or are still in school parsuing the same should not be worried because PGDE is being introduced for they will secure employment.

All teachers who are waiting for employment. will be employed through the same criteria that has been in place before.

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