Universities Advised By Education Ministry CS To Make Use of Virtual Learning More Efficient

Education cabinet secretary has advised varsities to acquire more electronic resources by allocating more resources on this in order to improve online classes for students.

The CS further stated that universities should work with Commission for University Education to ensure that standards are not compromised when engaging learners through virtual learning.

Magoha noted that the only challenge for institutions of higher learning is to make virtual learning more efficient by acquiring more electronic resources and increase the bandwidth.

Magoha has also lauded universities for acting with speed to in setting up the virtual learning in the wake of COVID- 19 which banned physical learning in institutions. He also said that the COVID – 19 has waken higher institutions to embrace virtual learning in preparation for any eventuality.

As much as this move was a bit expensive to learners and institutions, the learners managed to buy computers that connected them with their lecturers during the pandemic.

The Commission for University Education has been striving to make sure that universities meet the standards of blended learning through relevant infrastructure, Internet connectivity and relevant equipment to support online learning.

Magoha has also lauded the Vice chancellor of Technical University of Kenya for establishing ICT infrastructure to support blended learning. He has also advised that universities to make avenues to provide learners with internet wherever they may be in the globe.

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