What Will Happen To Those Who Will not be placed After KUCCPS second Revision

What comes after Kuccps placement?

If you have been successfully placed into an option, wait for the official results to be announced by kuccps (to know the actual course).

After this, you should contact the institution you have been placed into for the admission letter and other joining instructions

Bear in mind that students will be joining their respective institutions sometimes in September 2021.

There is a likelihood that some candidates may miss placement after second revision. Since the placement service does not allow for third revision, they will just place them in any course where there is unfilled capacity in any institution in the country.

The good thing is that, once you will get to the university where you have been placed, you will be allowed to change your course within the first two weeks if you meet the cluster of the course you desired.

kuccps placement results 2021

KUCCPS has finished placing 2020 KCSE students to their various degree choices according to what one applied for during the first revision.

How do I check my 2021 Kuccps placement?

You can check the degree programme you have been placed into by logging into your KUCCPS account.

Once you are logged in, you will notice a congratulatory message on the dashboard telling you that you have been provisionally placed in one of your course choices.

KUCCPS also sends you a text informing you that you have secured a slot (provisionally) in one of the courses you had chosen.

I should add that the provisional placement results will be available from 22nd June 2021.

Needless to say, you don’t need to do participate in KUCCPS second revision 2021 if you’re among those who receive a notification of being placed in one of your options.

In fact, if one has successfully secured a vacancy, they cannot apply again.

Please note that you will not know the exact course you were placed into neither the actual university at this moment- you have to wait until around the end of July 2021 to know the specific degree you have been placed into and the university you will be attending.

Remember that this is the time the final 2021 Kuccps placement results will be released.

How will I know that I have not been placed during the first revision?

There will be an official communication on the KUCCPS student portal either regarding provisional results (for those who have been successful) and those who require to revise.

In short, if you didn’t get a notification either via text or KUCCPS student portal, consider yourself not placed.

Another way of confirming if you have been placed is to look for your index no. on the list published on kuccps website.

If you find your index there, you should make a new application during the second revision.kuccps second revision 2021 deadline

Image Courtesy of KUCCPS

KUCCPS second revision 20212022

The second revision of KUCCPS courses starts on 22nd June 2021– the portal opens on this day to allow those who missed a chance in the first revision and also students who had not applied at all to make a fresh application.

It is important to note that no payment is required if you had previously applied for/revised your KUCCPS courses- simply use the same MPESA code when making your second revision.

But those who are applying for the first time during the second revision window are to pay Kshs.1500 by following the steps indicated in the portal when applying- the portal will direct you how to pay once you have completed selection of course options.

Don’t forget that the goal of the second revision is to enable those who missed out on university slots during the first revision to apply to fill the places that are remaining in various other courses (the courses you had previously applied for are most likely filled by now).

The other aim is to give an opportunity to those who have never applied for kuccps placement (and sponsorship) do so.

Note: Don’t be surprised if you missed out on your preferred course despite passing your KCSE exams with flying colors. You see, competition for place in the best courses is super stiff and you may not get a chance even with an A- grade. In fact, to enhance you chances of getting placed if you’re targeting one of these courses, the best approach is to only apply for a course whose cluster points cutoff you have exceeded by at least 2 points. This applies for courses such as medicine, engineering, architecture, etc.

But all is not lost- your first priority is getting a place in the university your prefer. After that, you can apply to be placed into your dream course once the intra-university course transfer window open (as long as you have met the minimum requirements). Prior to that, you can try your luck during the inter-university transfer window.

KUCCPS second revision 2021 deadline

Kuccps has already communicated the deadline for the second revision. The portal closes on July 5, 2021

But it is best to apply immediately the portal opens (from 22nd June 2021)  to avoid the last minute rush- many students wait until the last minute causing the portal to malfunction.

About kuccps placement results 2021

Now, according to data from KUCCPS, only 94275 students got a chance in one of their chosen degree course after the first revision.

Recall that there were about 143000 students who had qualified to join university from the 2020 KCSE.

That means that about 32718 students who are qualified to pursue a university degree (cut off mean grade is C+) were not placed into any programme due to various reasons.

These include some opting to join TVET institutions and other specialized colleges such as KMTC for Diploma courses.

However, a good number missed out because of competition- placement priority is based on grades and the available capacity for the various degrees.

Reminder: Both private and public universities in Kenya declared about 147,000 places (spread across 500 degree programmes) this year meaning there are more available vacancies than the qualified number of 2020 KCSE candidates.

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